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This page was last edited on 14 May 2019, at 12:35. All items of a certain type will have the same description. NetHack is history: Descending from Rogue, NetHack has 26 years of development behind it. NetHack is a single-player roguelike video game originally released in 1987 with ASCII graphics.

It could contain bug reports if a patch author ever asks that they be posted here. Over the years this licensing has led to a large number of ports and internationalized versions[35] in German, Japanese, and Spanish.

As in other roguelike games, NetHack features permadeath: expired characters cannot be revived. "nethack" is also correct when used to refer to the name of the game binary. Il appartient à la famille des rogue-like et est un logiciel libre. Later versions of the game added special branches of dungeon levels. You will consult tables and guides in search of an edge because everyone knows the best way to have fun in a game is to take 20 until you beat an impossible DC, rather than try to actually succeed at something hard yet possible. While conducts are generally tracked by the game and are displayed at death or ascension, unofficial conducts are practiced within the community. While other games are dated by their interfaces, NetHack is preserved in aesthetic purity. Les objets sont regroupés dans treize catégories : La plupart de ces objets ont un état (béni, non maudit, maudit), qui modifie — en bien ou en mal — les caractéristiques de l'objet. Fenlason provided the source code to a local USENIX conference, and eventually it was uploaded to USENET newsgroups. Freenode has a busy #nethack channel. At this point, he decided to create a new fork of the game, bringing in novel ideas from Izchak Miller, a philosophy professor at University of Pennsylvania, and Janet Walz, another computer hacker.