A general partnership is formed by two or more persons who agree to contribute money, labor, and/or skill to a business and to share its profits, losses, and management. Search for a Business Order Business Documents & Certificates of Status Register a New Business, Trade Name or Tax Account Manage Change, Cancel, Revive and Manage Existing Businesses File Annual Report & Personal Property Tax Returns, Late Penalty Payments Business. If you need a business registration number from one of the states listed on this page, all you need to do is click on one of the links below. Election results for the 2020 primary election can be found here. … } Filings via email, mail, and fax will be accepted, however, processing times may be delayed when filed through these methods. Over 100 awards set Utah.gov as one of the best government sites in the nation. Government Business Requirements. For any businesses filed with the Secretary of State’s Office, be sure to follow the requirements to maintain registration. fill: #000300; Companies Register COVID-19 information We’re still getting back to business as usual. We thank you for your understanding. /*-->