Text and model photos (C) Michael Pigott 2018. It has a black plastic base and interior, and there is a figure of Captain Scarlet at the controls. Category:Vehicles | Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons | Fandom. PAGE. CHEETAHThe newer equivalent of the SPC is the Cheetah, which like all the new Spectrum vehicles has an animal name. The Corgi models were sold in individual window boxes which were dark blue for the old Captain Scarlet items, and red and yellow for the new versions. work of those artists. materials. This makes this cumbersome-looking vehicle easy to manoeuvre, on any kind of norma… The action features on the Cheetah are quite ingenious and great fun. 'Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons', 'Supermarionation', and all Once landed on the ground or in Skybase’s Hangar Deck, the Swift does not require any external access system, as the stairs are deployed when the door opens. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Colonel White and Captain Powered by BigCommerce, Rhino has sound function. Copyright All prices are in USD © 2020 FabGearUSA. being taken from copyrighted © material (books magazines, DVDs, TV This product hasn't received any reviews yet. The Spectrum Patrol Car has recently been released by Corgi to tie in with the 50th anniversary of the original TV series. Copyright Parts Warehouse Theme He has written for a wide range of hobby publications, including Diecast Collector, Collector's Gazette, Back Issue and Diecast Model World. Each vehicle is approximately 4 inches (8cm) long. New Captain Scarlet Diecast Spectrum car & Jet Liner By Vivid Imaginations NM C $33.92 Top Rated Seller From United States Color: Red Theme: Captain Scarlet Customs services and international tracking provided All rights reserved. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The cockpit seats two and benefits from a clear view from the front, sides and even top through the one-way tinted portholes. and/or Carlton International and/or other owners. table.   | GALLERY|, OTHER New Captain Scarlet's Magazine and other materials. RHINOThe Rhino TRU (Tactical Response Unit) is the updated version of the SPV. These vehicles may be used in conjunction with the DX Skybase playset, sold separately. (2 x LR44 batteries included), Druzynic Battle Tank has sound function. (Sources: Materials from Granada Ventures Limited, Anderson Entertainment Ltd./GAP PLC©, Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet Funfax, Spectrum Agents' Handbook, OTHER EQUIPMENT, CONDOR CARGO PLANE  |  The Swift also features a fully-equipped galley to prepare in-flight meals or refreshments, and a lavatory. organisations and/or artists depending of ownership rights. |  SID DATABASE  MISCELLANEOUS Information of the series mentioned on this fan site are all VAMPIRE FIGHTER  |  The cockpit canopy is clear plastic and reveals a tiny Angel figure. blueprints, sketches, artworks, and other exclusive materials, and to Isabelle Saucier for The central fin on the roof is a separate rubber part. © of all trademarked material ('Gerry Anderson's New Captain The tables on both sides also have integrated computers linked to the Spectrum network and wi-fi access is available from any seat. ), SKYBASE  |  FALCON INTERCEPTORThe Falcon ATF (Advanced Tactical Fighter) is a much more modern design than the previous plane, but has the same basic design with the wings also forming landing skids. The canards are mounted below the cockpit, while the tail is more like a spoiler than a traditional fighter jet tailplane. Unofficial website on "Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet" the 2005 TV series from Gerry Anderson, in CGI, inspired by the original Supermarionation series, containing a bundle of information on the series itself, characters, crafts, equipment, episode … The nose and front canards are made of soft plastic. Collector and writer Mike Pigott presents a regular series of articles based around the fascinating world of toys and models. It is about twice the size of the earlier Vivid Imaginations version, and about ten times the quality. COMMUNICATION DEVICES  |  HEADQUARTERS HOME  |  SPECTRUM As this is the primary air shuttle to and from Skybase, it was designed to be able to reach altitudes of over 60,000 feet The general theme was retained, with the concept of Spectrum against the Mysterons, but the look of the show was completely different. (2 x LR44 batteries included) Set 3: Captain Black, Druzynic Battle Tank, Cheetah, Stallion Raid Bike: Druzynic Battle Tank has sound function. The basic It has several working features which are operated by a pair of concealed buttons in the cab roof. ( Log Out /  Although it has a plastic chassis, it is a very solid model, and the rear suspension is finely replicated. Corgi’s Rhino is an impressive model and captures the unusual lines of the ‘real’ thing. The side door again pops open, and is operated by pushing down on one of the red-bordered rectangular panels on the roof.