System GUIDE (Part 13, Slides 243 - 264) (PDF; 5,626 KB), Irrigation Soil Health Mgt. yield such as two bales of cotton or nine tons of hay. System GUIDE (Part 5, Slides 66 - 88), Irrigation Soil Health Mgt. the present fertility level of the soil, and the yield goal desired by The key approach to achieving integrated sustainable management is to think system (ecosystem, whole farm, and watershed), think critically (connect the dots), actively seek resource opportunities, emphasize technology “exchange” vs. “transfer” with other producers and partners, plan creatively and flexibly, and focus on keeping energy flow through the integrated system. producer with an estimate of the amount of fertilizer nutrients needed This process assures the clients that the lab is striving for 15f - Sustainable Workshop Soils Field Notes, 15cc - Soil Infiltration Ability to take in water, 15jj - Soil Physical Observations and Estimations, 16c - New Mexico State University (NMSU) Soil Test Interpretation Report, 16e - Irrigation Water, Soil and Plant Tissue Analysis Guide - Alfalfa Example, 16f - Irrigation Water, Soil and Plant Tissue Analysis Guide - Pecan Example, 16g - Irrigation Water, Soil and Plant Tissue Analysis Guide - Blue Corn Example, 16h - Irrigation Water, Soil and Plant Tissue Analysis Guide - Sorghum Example, 16i - Irrigation Water, Soil and Plant Tissue Analysis Guide - Apples Example, 16j - Irrigation Water, Soil and Plant Tissue Analysis Guide - Alfalfa Example, 16k - Irrigation Water, Soil and Plant Tissue Analysis Guide - Pasture Example, 17a - Reactive Carbon Field Kit Overview Power Point, 18c - Indicators for Soil Quality Evaluation, 18d - Soil Quality Indicators - Available Water Capacity, 18e - Soil Quality Indicators - Aggregate Stability, 18f - Soil Quality Indicators - Bulk Density, 18g - Soil Quality Indicators - Infiltration, 18h - Soil Quality Indicators - Soil Structure and Pores, 18i - Soil Quality Indicators - Soil Crusts, 18l - Soil Quality Indicators - Salinization, 18m - Soil Quality Indicators - Organic Matter, 18n - Soil Quality Resource Concerns - Soil Biodiversity, 18o - Rhizosphere Soil Biota Life in Soil, Range Health - Biology of Soil Compact Ver 3, Range Health - Understanding the relationship between the soil spheres Ver 4, Range Health - Systematic approach to a monitoring program Ver 2, Range Health - Understand the relationship between the soil spheres, Origin of Root Exudates:  Diverse roots is why you have diverse SFW, Range Health:  Economics of Maintaining Plant - Grass roots throught Soil Health, 20a - A Watershed Approach for Development of a Case Study, 20c - Purpose of Integrated Cropping System Guide, 20d - Cropland Inventory worksheets for Sustainable Systems, 20f - Sustainable Farming Systems Planning, Evaluation, and Outreach, 21a - Irrigation System Planning and Design Considerations, 21d - Acequia Community Ditch Design Irrigation System, 21e - Achieving Irrigation Water Management with Pivot Sprinkler System, 21f - Achieving IWM with Irrigation Water Conveyance - Pipeline, 21h - Energy Use in Irrigation Water Management, 21i - Economics and Irrigation Water Management, 21j - Additional Engineering and Irrigation Resources, 21o - General Components of Subsurface Drip Irrigation, 21u - Subsurface Drip Irrigation Fact Sheet, 22a - Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Strategic Plan and Student Class Presentation Format, 22b - Purpose of Sustainable Agriculture Producer Workshops, 22d - Integrated Farming Systems for Sustainable Production, New Mexico State University Water Publication Listing. If yields are only partial in relation to a large amount of fertilizer System GUIDE (Part 15, Slides 287 - 308), Irrigation Soil Health Mgt. Learn more and apply for a grant to improve soil health on agricultural lands in New Mexico via the following documents: Read the press release inviting Healthy Soil Grants Program applications from farmers and ranchers, as well as Eligible Entities, in New Mexico. imgMarginLeft = imgMarginLeft.replace("px",""); to submit proof of his/her relationship to the land on which the project is slated to occur. Push probe drilling may be appropriate for southeastern New Mexico where shallow subsurface conditions are sandy or clayey and do not contain gravelly soil or indurated caliche layers. if(imgMarginRight.indexOf("px") > 0){