Compared with yesterday, today there is a increase of 408 positive results and 6 deaths.In USA , there were 97,459,742 viral tests, 6,897,596 positive results, 87,396,255 negative results, 29,915 currently hospitalized patients, 193,912 deaths, 2,670,256 individuals who have recovered from COVID-19. The Zipcode for New Milford is . City of New Milford, NJ - BERGEN County New Jersey ZIP Codes. We have pulled information for the ZIP Code 07480 instead. State of New Jersey EO 150 State of New Jersey DOH Executive Directive 20-014 State of New Jersey ABC Special Ruling 2020-10 New Milford Emergency Declaration Revised 6/8/20 Mid-Bergen Regional Guidelines for Outdoor Dining State of New Jersey EO 183 State of New Jersey Executive Directive 20-030 NJ DOH Health and Safety Standards for Indoor Dining The Zipcode for Milford is . Find MoreCities in New Jersey that start with M, Post Office Suburb:MILFORD, NJ, 08848-9998, . Milford is a borough of Hunterdon, New Jersey in the Mid Atlantic region of the USA. Find MoreCities in New Jersey that start with N, Post Office Suburb:NEW MILFORD, NJ, 07646-3014,