_g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); It seems like an area where people from all walks of life can thrive. As the architect Nicolai Ouroussoff wrote in The New York Times in 2006, New Orleans’ public housing buildings “have little in common with the dehumanizing superblocks and grim plazas that have long been an emblem of urban poverty. These videos were by no means brochures for easy city living. In other words, they presented the un-simple reality of living in New Orleans public housing. Melpomene similarly was re-developed as Guste Homes. At the end of it, a sniper would set up camp atop a nearby high rise building and murder local law enforcement who attempted to enter the complex. Lafitte Projects is the housing project known for the man named David Williams. Federal and state law enforcement also joined them. Families of the Desire claimed that the new project was run-down while the Florida was nicely built in good condition. At this point, St. Thomas had already been torn down and resurrected as River Gardens, a mixed-income development that was a pre-Katrina sign of what was in store for the rest of the city’s public housing. Due to the frequency of the crimes in the Fischer Projects, the housing project soon became completely intolerable in which to live. In 1991, this project became the worse where stray bullets would hit even children. The other half of the criminals are being dealt with legally and thrown into jail. The crime rate in Iberville has actually declined by seven percent over the past couple of years. Today, the transformation has seen the building of 2-story townhouse units with a total of 685 apartments featuring a fitness center, outdoor pool and a movie theater. The Florida Projects were actually located right across the street from the Desire Projects and, when Hurricane Katrina arrived in New Orleans, it significantly flooded the Florida development. “Y’all Heard of Me?” — You might have heard of C-Murder, Master P’s brother and a rapper currently serving life in Angola Prison after being convicted of murder. “The emergence of No Limit and Cash Money Records helped to bring New Orleans rap and hip-hop from a city, state, and regional audience to a nationwide audience in the late 1990s,” says Amber N. Wiley, an architecture and American Studies professor who examined this phenomenon while leading the “Sites and Sounds” community public-history project in New Orleans from 2012 to 2014. It also shows the massive courtyard space once shared by Calliope residents for community gatherings. “The former Magnolia Projects, once home to some of the most prominent bounce and hip-hop artists, lies a mile east of the Tulane University campus,” says Wiley. However, this changed after 1964 when an act for civil rights came into being. Images of the “Big Four” and other large public-housing developments mostly live on in the memories of those who once lived in them—and in the imaginations of those who didn’t. But the projects figure prominently in the lyrics, from Master P’s first verse: “I represent where them killers hang/Third Ward, Calliope Projects, we got our own name/It’s a small hood, but it’s all good/And Mr. Rogers ain’t got shit up on my neighborhood.” No Limit rapper Mia X expands the public housing listings in her later verse, saying “Downtown Sixth Ward left feet on guard/Seventh Ward hard heads, niggas out that Saint Bernard/Ninth Ward pressed for Desire and Florida/New Orleans so ‘bout it, every day we coming harder.”. Father, Son Used-Car Sellers Get $5 Billion Richer in a Day, JPMorgan to Move $230 Billion Assets to Germany Under Brexit, A 32-Year-Old Finance Tycoon Looms in Obscure Stock Market, Stocks Tumble as Fed Stresses Need for Stimulus: Markets Wrap, HSBC Loyalists Lose Faith After Stock’s $83 Billion Plunge.