One of FSO Syrena’s key inventions has been its original chassis. The new Syrena will have a 1.4 litre 90 hp petrol engine, with a five-speed manual gearbox. LIGHT ME UP: The headlights were dim and the battery kept going flat so Edd has to give the inefficient dynamo the heave-ho in favour of a new alternator. While the price is not yet decided, the car will be up to 20 kilograms lighter than its competitors, thanks to the innovative composite materials used instead of steel. FLYING THE FLAG: Edd has to strip the car ready for a brand new paint job inspired by the Polish flag. But the Meluzyna R, launched in 2015, was just the beginning. The first new Syrena model was the Meluzyna R – a tiny little 400 hp rally racer that was limited to just 25 units. The battery is another point of pride for the constructors - fully charged it can take the car up to … The car uses a steel chassis and largely composite bodywork. The cost of each car has been estimated at around 60 thousand złoty. The electric Vosco s106 EV will be a strong competitor for other city car models. Kalbar/TFN. Production will probably be on a fairly small scale at least initially with it is estimated 500 cars being produced per year.