The feud came to an abortive end in August 1991 when Koloff left WCW to focus on running his gym, "Nikita's Fortress of Fitness," in Concord, North Carolina. Koloff was born on March 9, 1959 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, one of four children born to Paige and Olive Simpson. Koloff returned to WCW in February 1992, saving Sting from an attack by The Dangerous Alliance. accent that was supposed to sound Russian. He returned to WCW/NWA as a special guest referee at WrestleWar '89 in match for the NWA World Tag Team Championship between The Road Warriors and Mike Rotunda and "Dr. Death" Steve Williams. themselves? To read more, click here. Koloff wrestled briefly in Puerto Rico for World Wrestling Council (WWC) and engaged in some bouts with Hercules Ayala. Rhodes decided to strike while the iron was hot, booking Koloff to become a face and his greatest ally against The Four Horsemen. Despite some people's beliefs, Nikita was never offered any sort of contract with WWF. to join them. In October 1986, Magnum T.A. had a bitter rivalry, T.A. Koloff went to great lengths to keep the "Evil Russian" gimmick as realistic as possible. to chat with other fans of regional wrestling? of various PPV's, commercial tapes and regional wrestling TV shows would begin a long program with Koloff that ran through The Great American Bash Tour of 1987. | KM Micro Wrestlers | KM According to Koloff, it was his favourite match of his career.[7]. Russian and Kernoodle was a U.S. traitor. At SuperBrawl I on May 19, 1991, Koloff accidentally hit Sting with a chain while interfering in a tag team match between Sting and Lex Luger and The Steiner Brothers. [5], Koloff graduated from high school in 1977. Koloff has written three books. More... Want In the fall of 1988, Koloff was quickly losing interest in professional wrestling due to personal reasons. Simpson had graduated from college and This Throughout high school and Throughout the early months of 1987, Koloff continued to defend the United States title against members of the Four Horsemen and Paul Jones' Army, which now included "Uncle" Ivan. With Kernodle out of the picture, Uncle Ivan Koloff introduced a new comrade named Krusher Khruschev. He now runs a ministry. When he was two years old, his father left the family, leaving his mother as a single parent. Wrestling. He made a few appearances for NWA:TNA in 2003 as a masked man called "Mr. Wrestling IV" who attacked Dusty Rhodes. With his large stature, bald head, ominous glare, and guttural Russian language, Koloff was not someone a fan wanted to meet in a dark alleyway. As a nephew of the legendary Ivan Koloff, Nikita made his debut in the Mid-Atlantic territory in the summer of 1984. continuing to work out during the day. After StarrCade, Koloff was firmly established as one of the NWA's most popular stars. A booked showdown at StarrCade '88 in December was to pit Ivan and Koloff against the Russian Assassins. Simpson decided to go with wrestling and was told to shave his head bald and to show up. The historic moment took place on October 24 in Charlotte, North Carolina. All contents save Wrestler Stories This ended Koloff's reign of nearly 11 months, which still stands today as the fifth longest U.S. title reign in the more than 33-year history of the title. [6], In 1984, Simpson was going to try out for the USFL when Road Warrior Animal, a professional wrestler from the Minnesota area, called him to ask him to become a professional wrestler.