Extraction, manufacturing, or processing facilities permitted by NMED that have storage or warehousing onsite will also not require a separate warehouse permit. Industrial Hemp has been used for many, many years in a variety of ways including food production and construction, but these days there are quite a few misconceptions surrounding the stuff. It’s time once again to take another look at hemp and acknowledge its uses. This isn’t exactly a new idea in itself, but hemp is not being used for this purp… Hemp Warehouse Application (UPDATED 2/19/20) Our deforestation problem is so severe, that there are some who suggest we abolish the use of paper altogether. One of which could very well be biofuel. Having trouble finding what you are looking for?Feel free to contact us or use our A to Z page to find an alphabetical list of pages and services available on this site. Find all hemp related information and documents here . This is something that can cause desertification, soil erosion and is also a contributing factor in the emission of greenhouse gases into the air. If we could switch entirely to hemp paper, we could move towards eliminating deforestation altogether. The big difference between hemp and these crops is that burning hemp does not release carbon dioxide into the air in the same way the others do. The New Hemp Homepage has arrived. Facilities properly permitted by the state agency listed below are approved sources for incoming hemp products. For example, if a person conducts hemp extraction and later formulates the hemp extract into a hemp finished product, two permits would be required for that operation. It’s been talked about for years, and unfortunately brushed aside for years too, but instead of focusing on the problem, let’s focus on the solutions. The 2020 U.S. Census is EASY. The fact that it’s time to move away from burning fossil fuels is not exactly a new revelation. The biggest one being the fact that it contributes to deforestation. of Environmental Health and Sustainability, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture, Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry, Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, Michigan Department of Agricultural & Rural Development, North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, State of Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets, Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Washington State Department of Agriculture, State of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection. The abundance of carbon dioxide is one of the biggest factors in global warming and with hemp being a source of fuel that doesn’t emit that particular gas, it’s a very promising alternative to the fuels we are using now. For the majority of 2020 growing season, NMDA will be … NMED works with all types of businesses in New Mexico to issue permits and licenses for complying with state and federal regulations. Hemp produces an oil which ethanol can be extracted from. This is a form of charcoal which can then be mixed back into the soil.