#2 How Can You Tell If An Email Is A Scam? i have ordered jersey to and they told me that i will reserve tracking code but i didn’t reserve nothing and there’s nothing to contact with them we have to put end to those scammers ? The link in the email expires after 2 hours, so be sure to use it as soon as possible. This will help Facebook stop letting scammers promote through Facebook ads. I was lucky enough that my card was declined during payment, since it wasn’t valid for international purchases. After you have reset your password, please return to your LMS to continue the account pairing process. The link in the email expires after 2 hours, so be sure to use it as soon as possible. Whether you’re a Noble And Greenough School student, parent, player, fan, or alumni, you’ll choose from over 500 products in the Noble And Greenough School Store to customize including the newest Noble And Greenough School Bulldogs T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Hats, Polos, Shorts, Bags, and more. In any case, thanks once again for the information! An email password reset link should arrive within 15 minutes. That just means people buying domain names through Shopify will have Tucows written in the WHOIS. And this is where things get interesting. I give them my credit card data. I also noticed what you said when you tried to buy 1 jersey and the cost of shipping is 14.97. impossible to cancel the order? Yo también compré en esa página y tampoco recibí ningún email de confirmación ni me ha llegado nada. You guys helped me out a lot! Additionally, it provides the platform for competing in Athletic.net virtual meets, including features for finding virtual meets and submitting results with video, photos, and GPS run recording tools. But given what we’ve seen, and what we know, that is just what we would lean towards. It is, perhaps, a tired refrain lamenting big box stores destroying Main Street, and e-commerce destroying big box stores. Reading a site’s Terms and Conditions can reveal a lot to you, especially if you keep your eyes open for those things that don’t sound quite right. But these offers looking almost too good to be true(1), the mentioned 180 days delivery term(2) and after 24hours the sale is still going on(3). Will be attempting to dispute the charges on my card tomorrow. I live in Japan, and thought the cost of shipping to Japan was 14.97. The site has a lot of scam warnings on it, as well as being the exactly identical with another site that has been online for only 8 days. While most of them are usually over $100, On Noble Store has somehow been able to knock that price down to $0.00. Flat-rate shipping on your order. But we can give you our course for a cheaper and  more affordable price. Checked it out and thought bugger it I’ll do it? Now, there are hundreds of free email service providers that someone can use to create a free email address. That makes On Noble Store Sports look even less legit. I made a purchase and now I’m just waiting it’s this right? And the power is now out. I tried to buy at least 5 jerseys and the shipping only cost 14.97 too. i ordered about a month ago received email in spam folder but emailed them back for 7 days straight and got no response. I ordered something and called my credit card provider. If you cannot find the password reset email after checking your spam folder, try adding @bncollege to your contact list. I am pissed I have been looking everywhere for a cheap throwback curry jersey for months lol. Or at least, they aren’t legit enough yet. I’m not sure how the credit cards are being processed. I would personally assume the worst – if you input any info on their site then they have it. Collections With this site being a scam website, it’s unlikely that you’re going to get your shirts. Thanks for the tips and great review. Thanks to Pavel for spotting this for us, and asking us about it. It’s been 1 month didn’t receive anything. ?‍♂️ You just need to pay for shipping. That wasn’t a bad idea Buck.