For any other situation that requires the response of a police officer, call 713-884-3131. If you would rather not use the online reporting system, you can file a report by calling the SPD Communications non-emergency line at 206-625-5011. REPORTING CRITERIA Before you file your report online, please make sure that: This is not an Emergency. If you live outside the jurisdiction of the Houston Police Department and have a problem or situation that requires police service, please contact your local law enforcement agency. Only crimes that have no suspects, are not in progress and do not involve injury can be reported online. 1. Hit and Run Vehicle Collision Witness Form, U-Visa or T-Visa Law Enforcement Certification, Reporting Domestic Violence to Law Enforcement, Getting Medical Care After a Sexual Assault, Retrieving Property Held at the Evidence Unit, Disposal of Unwanted Firearms, Ammo or Fireworks, Officer Involved Shootings (OIS) Dashboard, Traffic Stops - What to do if you get pulled over, African American Community Advisory Council, Automated Photo Enforcement Program - School Zone Speed Cameras, Automated Photo Enforcement Program - Red Light Cameras, Washington Advisory Committee on Trafficking, Police Officer Candidates' Frequently Asked Questions, Find out more at King County Public Health, restrictions around street parking and enforcement. Follow these steps to find out if online filing is right for you: Example: You own a business and see on your security camera a person known to you, that has been told not to return to your store, making purchases in your store. While our law enforcement agencies work digilently every day to help prevent terrorist attacks, you can be part of the solution. The Metro Patrol Division no longer accepts walk-in or phone-in reports or accepts bonds at the station between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. Kansas City Missouri Police Department© 2020. Once your report has been reviewed and approved, your report number will be issued to you by email. Example: You find a backpack in the street and no one is around; it appears to be abandoned. Due to the nature of the reports filed - they have no known suspects or information to follow up on - we won't be able to investigate most cases. Depending on where the crime occurred, you may report the crime to agencies such as the MTA police, NY State Police, or Port Authority Police, if the location of the crime falls within their respective jurisdictions. You can use 105 to report things that have already happened that don’t need urgent Police assistance. If you are not sure if your situation is an emergency, you are encouraged to call 9-1-1.
If no, continue. Crime Stoppers allows you to submit information and tips anonymously.

Be alert of your surroundings and try to make mental notes.