Two private lessons a week at The Palace each week of the school year will cost about $8000. Your News is the place for you to save content to read later from any device. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. "They were not shy, they're already out there, they'd put their hand up to answer a question, no problem. "The more support the Government gives to families and schools in disadvantaged areas, the more those children will succeed in school and beyond. They graduate as grounded young adults with strong values and service towards the community. Estimates from indicate 2019 is starting slowly for property prices in some of the most sought after school zones. As we experience strong enrolment pressure across all intake years for day students we encourage families to lodge the Application for Enrolment immediately after the birth of their child. Credit Card Payment for Application Fee I just clicked with her and I think that's so important for any student to have just one teacher that pushes you a bit or tells you you're good in a certain area. Fiona, meanwhile, is finished with the school system but says sending her daughter to St Cuthbert's for her last year was a good choice. Why would you spend all that money on paying for school for your child, when you could opt for the state school down the road - and spend the money instead on an educational overseas holiday or other extracurricular activities? At Westlake Girls' High, 82 per cent hit the mark and at Wellington College, 83 per cent achieve it. "I think today it's all getting a bit lost, the idea that there are no winners," she says. We live in a multi-generational home and we’ve kept a very tight ‘bubble,’” he said. Please review our enrolment package or the Swan Christian Education Association Fee FAQs website further information. High quality facilities strongly promote academic learning and students' involvement and achievement in the arts, sport and cultural events.". An enrolment confirmation fee of $850.00 is payable on acceptance and confirmation of student placement. "In fact, in most school systems, private schools have a more advantaged student population, more material resources, fewer teacher shortages and better disciplinary climates than the public schools in those systems.". Tour dates for 2021 are to be advised. We strive to make fee payment easy, and so offer three options for the payment of fees. That same OECD research showed that students in public schools in a similar socioeconomic context as private schools did equally well. "It really shows that the support and resources a child has at home are a key factor in their educational success.