to prove human caused global warming is through the use of computer models. That gives 0.0108°C. I’ll run the same program tonight for the southern hemisphere over the months December-January-February to get the southern summer trends. And I doubt already now about your ability to search for valuable info. solar isnt corellated with warming or cooling. Yeah, but that’s just the measurement uncertainty. of stations with positive trend : 6802. area of cold air in central/western North America. Ici, consultez les prévisions météo pour le mois d'octobre en Normandie dans différentes villes. A station pulled at random from the ghcn daily data set has an uncertainty in the mean of ±0.8C for the month of Aug 2010. Such accuracy, such precision ,so sciency.. No. Mais cela reste assez raisonnable et cela ne sera pas en continu.Avec un climat correct, le mois d'octobre n'est pas le meilleur mois pour aller dans cette ville en Normandie. ☀ Comment est le climat de Rouen (Seine-Maritime) en octobre ? We are hoping this is resolved soon with a It does appear that heavily urbanized and deforested areas have experienced most of the warming. I have no problems with a trend as long as known noise was removed (primarily volcanoes and ENSO). I guess the science isn’t settled.). So what evidence would persuade you? The complete version 6 lower troposphere dataset is available here: Thanks TFN, I take your view that the Oct. 4 note overrides the alert on the update file. météo peu favorable sur 100% du territoire. ☀ Comment est le climat d'Alençon (Orne) en octobre ? And what baseline is being used? TFN, I was referring the the alert at the bottom of the linked file. I’d like to see error analysis by Dr. Christy (Dr. Spencer is hopeless is that respect) explaining how they’ve arrived at 2-3-4 places after the point. the corrections for its significant drift were no longer applicable. October’s globally-averaged, bulk-layer atmospheric temperature anomaly of +0.46°C (+0.83°F) represented the second warmest October reading of the past 41 Octobers in our satellite record, though it is statistically tied with two other years. Man, the surface of planet earth is covered in 75% by water. The ice extent in Central Arctic has been growing the fastest in five years. What is it? equations. that human caused global warming is not a scam? “*****CAUTION****** SEPTEMBER 2019 DATA APPEAR TO BE ERRONEOUSLY WARM. Ces prédictions sont des probabilités pour le mois d'octobre à partir de relevés météo effectués depuis plus de 6 années. The temperature of ozone that falls from the tropopause is very low because the temperature in the tropopause above the 60th parallel is below :-50 degrees C. Consensus is a political term (word) and cannot be used in science as science is very rigid and requires the verification of a hypothesis by colleagues and fellow scientists. “For some reason, it’s thought that using the anomaly “gets rid” of that uncertainty in the mean, but it doesn’t.” No. From 1910 to 1940 there was a steep warming slope. Or as the title to an old (1920s) book about Wall Street asks: Where are all the Customer’s yachts? For the 30 Augusts in the baseline, the uncertainty was ±0.3C. Since an average anomaly is the target value, there can’t be error in this sense, because there is no true value for an average anomaly. The coldest October Evuuuh, during which:,,,,,,,,, He was forced to pay Dr. Tim Ball all court costs. : +0.59 C (+1.06°F) above eliminate extra warming from NOAA-18 and extra cooling from NOAA-19. Vous pouvez donc préparer vos valises ou consulter le climat en Normandie pour les autres mois de l'année. Au mois d'octobre, le climat du Havre est peu favorable avec, le plus souvent, une météo : Ciel dégagé/Ensoleillé. James, I think Steven Mosher gave me a similar reason for publishing results with fantastically impossible precision, saying something like they publish the numbers that let their users calculate the mean anomaly to the precision they want., All locations in the Great Falls area reported departures from normal greater then Rosebud. For the 30-year baselines, the 90% number was 324. Flip side is less sunspots = less charged particles in our magnetic field = more galactic rays penetrating atmosphere = more cloud seeding = less sunshine reaching ground = cooling. Izaak come on over to western WI and I will show you some cold . Avec 90mm sur 16 jours, vous risquez de vous faire mouiller un peu pendant votre voyage.