But the decent upload/download means I was able to cancel foxtel in favour of fetch, netflix and stand so over all im spending $20 less per month. Im thinking i may have to call customer service again soon to see if theres any hope of a restoration of the old speeds, NBN will be in my area in the next month or solooking at fvinding a good provider 25/5 will do mejust no dropouts. (if bytes it would be 69/31.9 mbps). The upload speed is nice – consistently 30 – 40 Mbs vs 0.5 – 1 Mbs before. 3. What you miss out on is the extras, eg fetch/telstratv or whatever. I got an email confirmation and the order said it was a 24months contract. And not even visible to your RSP. The chat said I could complain to the TIO re Fetch services. my telstra mobile hotspot beats optus nbn FTTN ethernet when it comes to packet loss/gaming stability....thats beyond pathetic, I wouldnt piss on an optus employee to put a fire out. Assuming you will be on NBN HFC, the $80 plan has all the above except the extra speed, at the moment it comes with 50Mbit. Thanks though – will have to check it out in detail on connection day. Optus NBN Review It's not a minority mate, most people don't even know about Whirlpool. She said she called me back in 20mins to solve my account but it took 3 hours(she left a message in my message bank but no call back number was provided). when did Telstra ever offer a discount for anything!? This is connectivity to the NBNCo owned CMTS. We've put the Optus modem in a high location and added a $99 Netgear WiFi extender in a high location at 10-15 foot away. Optus want you as a customer, as any RSP does. Very happy with the consistent speeds and it was a flawless experience for us (maybe we got lucky). Yep Optus has been fairly clear that they can't do much about the issue, have no visibility aside from NBN Co updates and that it's upto NBN Co to sort it from here. However, a lot can interfere with it from cordless phones, microwaves, refridgerators and electrical goodies to the neighbors wireless internet. (I'm assuming these are dropouts? ), then switch to Superloop (BYO modem, thanks Optus). The only reason you'd ever have to clone it is if you have a DHCP reservation that you can't change, and you had to change your hardware. It took ages and the Tio to get it done, but speeds do seem to be better than what i was getting on the same specced Optus cable. We have the F@ST one supplied from Optus and we experience a 2-3 minute dropout every few hours. Here are our Award Winners for the best Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Mobile Phone Service Providers (MPSPs) in 2020. I don't have an issue with OPTUS's download speed, it is the inability to watch a single youtube clip during peak times without quality loss, stuttering and pausing continuously waiting for it to buffer. So I will give my money to someone else. I don't do heavy gaming so can't comment from that perspective but we have been running multiple streaming services at one time without issue. If I test to Telstra Sydney, my upload is 19; I'm in country NSW. I am having problems with the sagecomm router resetting itself every few hours. I have been with Optus for over 20 years on cable with no real complaints aside from one speed issue that needed the Ombudsman's intervention to be sorted.Then I got a letter telling me I had to change to NBN and my cable would be cut off in September.