Television HX series. Backed by one of America’s most trusted brands and a century of financial stability, TripleGuard covers your solar panel system’s performance, workmanship, parts, and labor for 25 years*. endobj All Panasonic accessories: e.g. Panasonic projectors are warranted against failure due to defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one, two or three years, depending on model and number of hours operated. With 25-year degradation rates among the world’s lowest, Panasonic HIT® modules offer some of the highest efficiency, highest-output solar panels available. This includes solar modules, microinverters, and racking for 25 years*, and monitoring hardware for five years. See how Panasonic home solar and battery storage solutions are moving America’s energy revolution forward. Our new AllGuard warranty covers labor to replace and repair all major components in your system. A solar panel system may be one of your biggest home improvement purchase. Free 5 Year Warranty. u��N������z=�f��~�"�$����D��Z����WX��Ru����-+�}E���F��4b2.�=��4�R0��1/�F��C ���b��"0h1?�����%~z�����V���]����2f���꾤����%�>���3���8e63Ư6g".���t�\}��9�k� �P��-ы:hyM��\��>�^!�6{ѨjK�DF��2�E[�m������ That’s why a trusted relationship with your solar panel manufacturer should be given careful consideration. Purchase period: 11 th September 2019 – 30 st September 2020. When you purchase a selected Panasonic TV in our Sonic Megastore. Panasonic’s 5 year no cost limited warranty provides assurances to our customers that they have chosen the right solution provider. Please select your place of residence: United Kingdom. Purchase an applicable Panasonic TV from a participating retailer and qualify for a Free 5 Year Warranty. }���_�����1|�����;�E2�չ�"-\L��`�p&`=e��]R��i.`Mٯy For residents of the United Kingdom. stream The peace of mind you deserve. Answers to your most frequently asked questions. All Panasonic accessories: e.g. mounting kit, removable lens, input signal module, cables, remote control, filter, etc. Warranty Period. • Unirac racking system. Did you know most components in a solar system are not covered by a labor warranty? Products. A Panasonic representative will contact you. Panasonic will repair in-warranty projectors at no cost. %PDF-1.7 endobj Panasonic Develops New App for Wireless Panasonic Projectors. Complete Peace Of Mind! Sorry, you need to enable JavaScript to visit this website. Enjoy protection and peace of mind for decades. For residents of all other European countries (including the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA)