I was concerned about how it would handle the room , but found that it was better than my old VT60! Wondering if it will fit in the land cruiser. The key … Dolby vision is for hdr content. On the OLED front, the LG C9 or, perhaps more fairly, LG E9 models are the 55GZ1500’s closest rivals. There are so many exemplary things about them, in fact, that trying to list them individually proves a major challenge. Here you can see the FAQ. Also as before, you can easily select apps you’ve downloaded to show up on the home screen, and rearrange the order in which the home screen apps appear. My TV viewing is with lights on at night. Pro 1 and Pro 2 and then had a professional calibration done? Madvr envy looks very promising hope is good value for money. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Samsung QLED with elite black (Q7 and higher) .... or OLED. All four HDMIs support 4K HDR – though unlike LG’s OLED TVs, none of the 55GZ1500’s HDMIs are made to the full bandwidth HDMI 2.1 specification. It is always a 950 model.. The 55GZ1500 also doesn’t support any built-in voice recognition platforms, unlike pretty much all top-tier rivals. (GZ950). The GZ1500 is available in the UK, EU, Australia and Canada – though not the United States. You are a legend mate, thank you for taking the time to measure it. Most enticingly of all, professional film and TV grading studios have actually started using Panasonic’s consumer OLED TVs as their pro mastering screens, meaning you can actually buy a screen at retail price, then watch a film or TV show that was mastered on that very model. And after 1100 hours of operation I see 765 nit. I think the big issue is that many of the latest TV's are essentially light cannons, so whilst the OLED aren't in that league they still perform well in bright rooms. * HCX stands for Hollywood Cinema Experience. Panasonic's middle-of-the-road, mainstream-focused 4K TV. Has anyone who owns the GZ950 and already uses the most accurate presets i.e. Our publication is supported by its audience. Crucially, though, they’re also fantastically subtle when it comes to shadow detail and tonal shading in the darkest areas of any HDR source. The 55GZ1500’s immense colour and shade precision enables it to deliver some of the most detailed looking 4K pictures I’ve seen, too. Panasonic’s OLED screens are designed to the highest standards using only premium materials. Started Yesterday at 02:01 AM, By Panasonic’s OLED screens are designed to the highest standards using only premium materials.