Can you please advise if its repairable ? We’ve had it for 2 weeks but my son with autism just threw something at the TV while having a tantrum and now we only see half the screen and it looks all cracked. So when warmed up it is acceptable. The colour of the screen has now become very dull (cloudy). How To Fix A Squeaking Pedestal On A Front Load Washing Machine. Do you know what’s causing that? I scanned the posts but don’t see this one. Camilia, If the lines are present on the TV screen, press the SMART button Smart Button on the remote control and select Settings > SUPPORT > Picture Test. But when picture shows a uniform color like white or a light color, I can still see that there are 4 equal sections (horizontal) that go light at the top and getting slightly darker towards the bottom of each section, but is not noticeable when picture is full of context like people places and things. -RR. How To Easily Clean A Dirty Oven That Has Never Been Cleaned. I opened it then I found this problem. Can I get a place to in Nigeria for a replacement? Tony, LG Refrigerator Water Filters – How Often To Replace Filter? If there is no sound and the screen won’t power on, you may have a power supply board issue. -RR. Your TV may also have internal damage, meaning a circuit board could be bad since it fell over. How To Program The Chamberlain Garage Door Remote KLIK1U, Glass In Garbage Disposal – Jammed And Not Working, Miele Washing Machine Error Codes – Blinking LED Lights On Display, Samsung Washing Machine Error Code Hr – How To Clear, LOGIK Washing Machine Error Codes – How To Clear, Refrigerator Error Codes – All Refrigerator Brands Fault Code List, Toilet Leaking At Bottom Where Base Meets Floor – What To Check – How To Fix. After an hour or so of repeatedly turning off and on, it will eventually come on and work perfectly…until I turn it off, then I have to try turning it off and on for an hour or two until it decides to work. The model number is un50ju6500f, please help me. How To Light A Candle If The Wick Is Too Far Down In The Glass Jar? If there are not cracks on the screen, none at all, then most likely a board was damaged inside the TV when it fell over. You may also have bad capacitors on the main board. I am in the electronics field but have never worked on a flat screen before. Where can I solve the problem and if how much will be the cost of repair? One of the best places to purchase TV replacement screens is on eBay. Be sure the boards in the TV are properly secured together with the ribbon cables. My TV Is RCA just got it a year ago and it shows green lines, and double image, and it turns blue when there is nothing connected to the TV. -RR. Water Is Leaking Behind Refrigerator – 5 Causes – What To Check – How To Fix? If i set the picture to 4:3 it seems to track to the picture size and is not in the black areas. Marco, The size is about 20″ in diameter, but does not seem to be getting bigger. My TV screen is not cracked. Is it a complete 50/50 (a complete half screen 50%) when you say your Samsung UN55’s right side of the screen is darker? Check everything visually in the TV for a bad or burned board. Asko Dishwasher Error Codes – How To Clear – What To Check? Where do I start from? In Or Out? Also where are you located and we can give you some names of local TV screen replacement companies. John Beeson, About 3/4 – an inch long. Can anyone help me out? How To Easily Replace A Microwave Grease Vent Filter. Has the screen been hit? The Ice Maker On My LG Refrigerator Does Not Make Ice – How To Fix? 6. On my 50 inches plasma TV? If you get no sound and no picture and the power light and OPC light flash, can you count how many times it flashes? It got an issue of lines on the left side of panel. Buy a new TV. Can u help? Does anyone know where I can get a new screen. Samsung Refrigerator Randomly Beeping – What Causes Alarm Beeps? Determining which part that may be bad inside your TV may be difficult. If the screen is cracked, and it still works, are you able to see the full image on the TV or is there any vertical or horizontal lines that show up? You should be able to see any damage to the inner or outer screen panel when using a flashlight. I checked your site for boards for this TV and not available at this time.