You’ll need to set your drive mode dial to this setting: Now press the shutter button halfway so the Lumix can detect the possible focus areas, and then fully press the shooter to record the scene in burst mode (which is video as I mentioned earlier). They will then apply this knowledge to the different types of microphones: Lavaliers, Shotguns and tell you, how to choose a mic for which application. For an easy overview, the LUMIX S1H comes equipped with a dedicated menu option: The recording mode filter. This applies only to Jpeg images, and the RAW preview. This is a way of hacking into the Jpeg engine and adjusting it to your style and preferences. As we all know the S1 is patnering for the L-mount with Leica and Sigma from the mount alliance. Delete: Deletes registered menus from the displayed menu list. Setting it to Focus priority means you won’t be able to take an image if focus is not acquired. When you stop down your lens to a smaller aperture (normally from f/11 to f/22), a phenomenon called diffraction causes a loss in sharpness. press te shutter half way to exit the menu. To clear the lock, press AF/AE LOCK again. Off: The camera maintains the focus position at the start of recording. HLG Photos are produced as an HSP file. In this case, I would set the Jpeg to the highest quality setting. Base ISO of the sensor is 200, so this extended ISO basically halves this in software, with a slight decrease in quality. ELEC. It will display the center of the recording screen as [+]. Set to ON to display the Exposure meter when performing Program Shift, setting aperture, and setting shutter speed. This way, you’ll still have a Jpeg for sharing quickly online or as a reference whilst still saving some space. This all is extremely helpful mate. It reduces the difficulty in seeing the surroundings caused by brightly lit screens at night or in any low-light environment. Adjust what the Panasonic S1 determines to be a good exposure by plus or minus 1 EV. 4K is the same, except it allows you to go up to 60 frames per second. In Custom operations, you can customise the Q Menu according to your liking. If you feel that the camera takes over- or underexposed images according to your personal preferences, it might be worth changing the metering mode. Moving Object prediction: For still subjects, you can prevent defocusing caused by a sudden movement of the subject. As long as the camera is held steady, the Panasonic S1 will automatically adjust the focus and focus adjustment will then be quicker when the shutter is pressed. Jacob also shows to how connect external displays, such as the Atomos Ninja V Monitor Recorder via the S1H’s full size HDMI-out, how to secure the cable from being accidentally pulled and how to connect up to two Stereo XLR-microphones via the DMW-XLR1 Adapter. Sorting: Rearranges the menus displayed in My Menu. If you like outdoors photography and want to be able to use your camera in extreme conditions, Panasonic S1 will serve you well. These modes determine how and when the footage will be recorded. LVF/Monitor Switch will This will set the method for switching between the monitor and viewfinder.