For as with all ‘online TVs’ except for those from Philips, Panasonic currently only lets you access its own ring-fenced sites, containing content specially formatted for ease of access via a TV remote rather than a mouse and keyboard. But now the playing field has been leveled. TX-L37V10E It even supports keyboards and other remote devices via Bluetooth. The only time judder is an issue, in fact, is with the THX preset in play, which deactivates the IFC system. The VT60, on the other hand, did not fare as well in brighter rooms. Though it isn’t as curvaceous as the Samsung F8500’s stand (nor does it swivel) we never worried about whether the 80-pound TV might tip over. We felt like the crosstalk we experienced exceeded that of the F8500, and though we find Panasonic’s 3D glasses perfectly comfortable, we found ourselves wanting to take them off. What we’re suggesting borders on blasphemous. Sony sent us a selection of movie titles from its “Mastered in 4K” collection, including The Amazing Spiderman and The Karate Kid; between the high-quality transfers of the titles and the VT60’s outstanding performance, we were treated to a cinematic experience with clarity that bests most commercial theaters we’ve visited. The 42PX60’s black levels, for instance, are simply outstanding. In terms of picture quality, what makes the ZT60 unique is what Panasonic calls a “Studio Master Panel.” The panel is capable of tremendous black levels and brightness, but what makes it stand out from the VT60 series is its ability to better reject ambient light. THX support only appeared higher up Panasonic’s range last year. Even the kids’ Disney Channel shows looked excellent, with natural skin tones set off by the overexposed colors that the channel’s productions are known for. (-33%), 7999 Lei (- As with all online services, though, VieraCast can be updated on the hoof as and when new service provider deals are struck, so hopefully this aspect of the P42G20B’s feature list will improve soon. No, it isn’t. With our review of the excellent Samsung F8500 series plasma completed, it’s time to dig into the Panasonic VT60 and ZT60 series plasmas. As such, you will find that our reviews of each will be…well, remarkably similar. If we were to go through all the features this TV offered, we’d be here all day. All Rights Reserved. Tell us what you think - send your emails to the Editor. Arguably even better still, unlike practically every LCD TV, you can watch this set from almost right angles before there’s any significant deterioration in the picture’s contrast or colour saturation.