One downside of using the system is that it disables many of the TV's aspect ratio controls and doesn't allow access to the THX picture mode, but happily the other picture modes are all available and fully adjustable. So Samsung is no longer the only brand offering all the main UK catch-up services. I tried a few different LCDs and LEDs before switching to Plasma. You can also use this port to stream in files from a DLNA-enabled PC. The Bad Less-accurate secondary colors of magenta and cyan; slight yellowish tinge and limited light output in THX mode; skimpy picture controls; still less efficient than comparable LCDs. Learn More. The menus are simple, and they're context sensitive, so you only see the options relevant to the mode you're in. Glossy black predominates, interrupted by a silver strip along the bottom that abuts the G10's signature design touch, a silver wash that fades into black after about a half inch. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Each provides direct access to functions we'll warrant most users won't access as frequently as the Menu key, and the trio relegates that button to an easily overlooked spot near the top of the clicker. Generally we'd like to see three HDMI sockets, but two is probably enough for most people. Reviewed in the United States on June 6, 2012. There are four HDMIs, as we’d expect of any high-grade TV now, but these are joined by a more than healthy suite of multimedia resources. Browse Panasonic Viera TV. Just occasionally, a dark scene will adopt a very slightly greener overall tone than we’d like. Check out last year's in-depth look at VieraCast for more information. I do not see the "screendoor" effect (thin black lines between pixels) that I didn't like on early 720p plasma displays. Reviewed in the United States on March 25, 2012. The THX support manifests itself in a THX picture preset, while the ISF support sees you given two Professional picture preset slots, where an ISF expert can store night and day settings. This turns your TV into a virtual international video server, able to send video from either its tuners or recordings stored on USB HDDs to your smartphones or tablets anywhere in the world (so long as you have a decent broadband connection, obviously). The place I purchased from was out of stock on PN43D450 replacements, so I decided to start looking at other options. The remote cannot control other devices via infrared (IR) commands, but it does allow some control of compatible HDMI devices connected to the TV via Viera Link (aka HDMI-CEC). It's not cheap, but LG's "entry-level" OLED outperforms any LCD we've tested. I originally had the Samsung PN43D450, and was quite pleased - beautiful contrast and saturation, great sound, great viewing angles, great price. I waited until Best Buy ran a sale and got a fantastic price. There is only one movie channel that shows one movie all day and they repeat those a lot too. What’s especially brilliant about this service is that it lets you watch programmes from your home country while abroad that would not be available to you via normal streaming websites due to local rights issues. Let's round up Amazon's best gems. This page works best with JavaScript. I eventually went with the Xpand Universal X103 glasses and those have been fine. The other major new feature of Panasonic’s 2014 Smart offering is the Info Bar. But we should point out that it remains, a year on from launch, the most comprehensive and successful attempt yet to personalise the smart TV process. Review Price: £1159.99; If ever there was a TV … One digital output. Amazon had the ST30 for just a little more than the Samsung at the time, so I decided to give it a try. Of course, Panasonic isn’t the only brand to offer learning/recommendations technology on its TVs this year, but MyStream represents an unusually attractive way of presenting the results.