Welcome to ManualMachine. For example, you can change the wallpaper, rename the screen, add / delete or set your preferred Home screen, edit applications, etc. Enter the PIN number twice at first setting. When you start voice control function, sound level of the TV becomes low. The side edges of the image are cut off. Select the menu using / and press Then, select On using / and press to set, Select Change password using / and press, Enter a new PIN number twice with numeric buttons. Contact your Cable or Satellite operator for instructions on enabling, The TV'sSAP button does not operate the Satellite or Cable box's. If the recorder or output monitor is connected to the TV, the CC needs to be set up on the recorder or output monitor. Lock the picture menu for Professional 1/Professional 2 and each input. (Note that "Image retention" of the side bar may occur from displaying it for a long time. To use this function fully, you need a broadband network environment. Select Zoom adjustments in the Picture menu. You can change the layout of the Home Screen according to your lifestyle and personal preferences. This appliance should be used only in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local statutes. Adjusts more detailed White Balance items. It will only be necessary to update the software if the version that you have in your TV is older than the version being offered. 2.Select Auto program and then the appropriate scan mode: (All channels / Analog only / Digital only). User: Adjusts the sounds manually by using the equalizer to suit your favorite sound quality. The adjustment happens gradually. This one was well cared for with less than 9000 hours. Volume level of your voice is too loud or too soft. THX modes are used to mirror the picture settings used by professional filmmakers, faithfully reproducing the image quality of THX Certified movies. CC/SAP is not available when watching TV with a Cable or Satellite box connected via HDMI. 4.The self-extracted file SDDL.SEC will appear. (Proxy settings are not required for normal household use. Top and bottom bars are unavoidable. Check your box's "aspect" or "format" settings. For details of Internet environment, consult your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or telecommunications company.). by: Menu > Picture > scroll down to C.A.T.S. It provides easy access to special features such as the Media Player, videos, games, communication tools, etc. Check the Network connection and Network settings. Adjusts the yellow/cyan/magenta hue between light, pastel and vivid. Please be careful not to confuse the connection when you use Component or Video. Our website uses cookies and similar tools to improve its performance and enhance your user experience and by continuing to use this website without changing your settings, you consent to their use. If the connected device has an aspect adjustment function, set the aspect ratio to "16:9". adjusts the screen brightness and contrast according to the room's ambient light conditions. You can search the content of various Home screen features. The Home Screen provides access to special features such as the Media. Automatic Gamma Control. When the confirmation screen is displayed, read carefully and start voice control function. Make a temporary folder on your PC for downloading the file,e.g.