I GIVE IT MORE THAN FIVE STARS!!! This addon is so good and I had so much fun playing around with it. Can merge on RB (Rust Bucket) and upgrade its functions, Summon command: /summon ben10:diamondhead, Has a 50% chance of becoming invisible on attacks, Summon command: /summon companion:grandpa_max, Mergable/Upgradable by Ben 10 Alien Upgrade, Rideable by players, Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max. Hats off, I can’t use dis addon I’m on 1.16 every time I hold an item in my hand it crashes and I can’t see any mobs the controls and my skin, look i would give this a 5 star but its XLR8 NOT accelarate and that makes me mad. Now that Ben got the omnitrix, he is now able to transform into an alien to fight monsters and villains. >:( >:(. Join us! Maybe he is updating it. 2nd download link is removed. please update this add-on to Minecraft so that there are more aliens villains and of course that you could change into aliens yourself it would be nice to write again please, Please Creation make an Omnitrix that players can use like Ben and make it the same texture and power as Ben’s aliens, Guys before you play activate it in global resources then make a world and add the add-on turn on experimental gameplay to work fine, Could ya make it so that we can use the omnitrix… -_-. The animations are amazing!!! Look into the descriptions in the Ben 10 trailer. yes finally someone made a good Ben 10 mod. If it shows "Please press 'Allow' to continue", wait for the block and allow option to show and then click "Allow". Feedback If you were smart you would just figure it yourself instead of cursing and getting mad at the creator. Your IP: Thanks dude, we appreciate that your appreciate our work! BTW, XLR8 not Accelerate, Pls Make The Next Update To Make Players Use The Omnitrix Pretty Pls With Cherry On Top. Thank you for listening to my suggestion. I had an idea. ( no one better not get mad at me !) But Ben can’t save the Minecraft world without the help of Gwen’s magic powers, and Grandpa Max’s combat and weapon skills. Please, Thanks for making my childhood back again. Yea we plan to add the 5YL Watch and aliens to the mod later down the line when we’re done with the main stuff. Ben 10! and can you make that it is like updated for Minecraft version 1.14.60 and up, Hey me again I just came here to say can you add more detail to the aliens when you ever decide to update because right now they look like a piece of crap whenever you update can you do that like add detail that would be nice please, Can we make it so the player can use the omnitrix, Hey nice add-on but could u make it so the player can transform into Ben ten aliens Above it says TBA, which means To Be Announced. Can you add waybig and wildvine? Attacks players, Ben, Gwen, Grandpa Max, RB (Rust Bucket), villagers, and iron golems. A Ben 10 mod will still be made and updated just not under the name Trixcraft anymore, please join the discord for more info on it, um hello i thought it was updated since it says.