We are behind the scenes helping clients to transform how they operate, digitising their customer journeys and experiences. We support clients business process transformation customer communications. Paragon Customer Communications ... Germany Tel: +49 9431 620 194 www.paragon-cc.de Ireland. Our solutions support all stages of the customer communications journey, whether our clients need data-driven customer engagement, multichannel marketing, transactional communications, or automated inbound communication workflows. MA Business is part of the Communicate with your market effectively via the channels they prefer, Bringing data to life with engaging communications that resonate, Defining the patterns and strategies you need to engage and retain customers, Measurable and brilliant solutions to engage your customers at the right time, Print strategies that save you money and deliver improved quality for your brand, Deliver your messages effectively and maximise customer experience, Capture, process and fulfil customer requests, Individualised and dynamic consultation and communications to improve your acquisitions and retention, The compliant and secure communications that underpin your business, Trust us with your core business processes, protect your sensitive data and drive for digital transformation, Protection for your brand and corporate identity, Compliant, secure communications through your customers’ preferred channels, Deliver customers’ documents securely, whenever they need them on any device, Automated services for key business processes, Intelligent digital solutions using AI and robotics to enhance how you manage documents and process customer data, Revolutionise how you send mail and reduce spend on postage, Decades of experience and sector expertise brought into your team, Deliver brilliant experiences that drive long-term customer loyalty, Access to the latest, most innovative data-driven insight, Real-time access to customer documents and innovative data-driven insights that deliver peace of mind, Strategies to better engage your customers and prospects, Practical data solutions that protect your business and customers, Delivering the new ideas and digital transformation your customers demand, Websites, apps and digital solutions that integrate into your business and legacy systems, Paragon Customer Communications France delivers innovative solutions and designs relevant and personalised transactional and promotional communications for our clients our customers. Paragon Customer Communications Germany is a leading provider of solutions for innovative customer and employee communication.