I purchased a 16 lb prime grade packer brisket from my favorite local warehouse store and decided to remove most of the outer fat since it had so much fat marbling in the meat. Pour your pickling spices in the pan and keep the spices moving around for about a minute or until you start smelling the aroma. I’ve got a 13lb in the brine now. The curing part of this brine is complete but since it's going to be pastrami, we need to add the traditional pickling spices to give it the correct flavor profile. https://amazingribs.com/.../spice-rubs-and-pastes/katzs-pastrami-rub It is very salty. Be the first to get notified about weekly smoker recipes! Because my aim is to cure this brisket and then smoke it, I removed most of the outer fat so the cure could have direct contact with the meat. Leah Maroney. Place the beef in a large food-safe plastic container or roasting pan. Give it a try, you can unsubscribe anytime. Heat an iron skillet over high heat and place pickling spices in the pan to toast. Now that's a bargain and you know it. Pastrami is simply smoked corned beef.If you buy corned beef, it's incredibly easy to make your own pastrami. If you enjoy the newsletter and would like to do something helpful, then.. But, then, this is how I support the newsletter, the website and all of the other stuff that we do here to promote the art of smoking meat. You decide you don't like the recipes.. you don't pay! Select The Smoke Wood. That's ideal for a New England boiled dinner or sandwich meat, but there are other equally tasty ways to prepare this flavorful and modestly priced cut. Use 2-3 chunks of pecan smoke wood. I don't do these often but a large dedicated brining pan with a fitted lid would sure be nice. The book is full of recipes and contains tons of helpful information as well. Add the curing salt and the coarse kosher salt to the water and stir until it becomes clear (about 2 minutes). Cooking a corned beef brisket is usually a matter of simmering it until it's tender enough to slice easily. I avoid the brining part altogether and buy a corned beef brisket. Cover the pan, and bake the brisket until it's tender enough for a fork to slide in easily and twist away a mouthful of the beef. The point (right side of image above) of a brisket is pretty fatty and can stand to have most of the outer fat removed regardless of the grade. His articles have appeared on numerous home and garden sites including GoneOutdoors, TheNest and eHow. He was educated at Memorial University of Newfoundland and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Remove your corned beef brisket from its wrapper and drain any remaining brine. Fred Decker is a trained chef and prolific freelance writer. Of course, you can also make homemade corned beef from scratch if you have three weeks to let it cure. It is usually packaged in a plastic bag with some of the brine in it. Transfer toasted pickling spices to the curing brine and stir. In part two (located HERE), I'll show you how to do some final preparation and then smoke it to turn it into something absolutely juicy, tender and mouth watering! Rinse the meat carefully under cold running water, then transfer it to your cutting board. Soak the beef overnight to leach away much of the salt, changing the water at least once. I really want you to have them! Resting the meat before slicing it gives it time to firm slightly, making it easier to cut without crumbling. You can also soak them for 2-12 hours changing the water every 2 hours to remove a lot of that salt. Wipe of the slime and soak it for a few hours changing the water once or twice to remove the salt and use a rub made up without the salt. Works like a charm. What Makes A Good Corned Beef Recipe . First add the curing salt #1 and the coarse kosher salt.