At this point, you’ve already decided that you’re interested in a professional future in food and hospitality. Whether offered by ICE itself, our food industry partners or a vetted list of outside organizations, these scholarships provide students with additional resources to realize their dreams of attending our career training programs. The for-profit Art Institute has campuses with culinary programs in nearly every major city in America. Students have the opportunity to learn this unique culinary art in a hands-on environment with the Curbside Urban Cuisine Food Truck. Students can join the workforce immediately after graduation or transfer to a four year school. The use of marzipan, white and dark modeling chocolate for making flowers, fruits, figurines and decorations. Floral arrangement and tiered cake assembly. Bartenders mix drinks and serve them to customers at restaurants and bars. You could train to become a five-star head chef, a pastry chef skilled in the art of delicate, decadent sweets, or study Food Business Management and learn what it takes to run your own restaurant. Auguste Escoffier offers lifetime career placement assistance, starting while you are enrolled, and continuing as an alumnus, through job preparation and writing assistance, networking, industry referrals, and job listings. Pierpont offers AAS degrees in: Regardless of major, students are prepared for a career in the food industry through classes on everything from food purchasing to preparation. Throughout those curricula, the university seeks to promote the development of critical thinking, effective verbal and written communication, computer literacy, and teamwork as well as an appreciation for life-long learning, cultural diversity and the expression of professionalism in all activities. The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College is a private, for-profit culinary school that was founded in 1974. The two-year program consists of one year focused on skill. Walnut Hill College offers specially designed programs for individuals planning a successful career in the culinary and hospitality fields. Homemade morning breads and muffins are a mainstay at luxury resorts and hotel facilities. There are numerous events and student organizations at Drexel that allow students to socialize, network, and compete and test their skills, ensuring that you will have a full college experience at the University. We included schools who were accredited by the American Culinary Federation, an indicator of quality, and/or a positive industry reputation based on our internet research. Inland Northwest Culinary Academy at Spokane Community College is an accredited culinary arts school offering an AAS degree. This top culinary school is accredited by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission. Northwest Culinary Institute in Vancouver features a Culinary Arts Diploma program that can be completed in just nine months. In addition to the typical offerings, AACC has an Event Planning and Catering certificate program, which could help you prepare specifically for a career in a different part of the culinary industry than restaurant work. All instructors have been executive chefs in fine dining establishments. For example, if you’ve always dreamed of working in a sushi restaurant, food truck, butcher shop or artisanal bread bakery, we can gear your search towards the goal of placing you in that particular type of establishment.