In only four months she had lost 40 pounds and found herself on season 21 of Dancing with the Stars in 2015. Paula makes a Pecan Pie for her brother with Georgia pecans. The conversation digs into how the use of the cloud has evolved rapidly during the pandemic, and the reality that people may want to spend less on the cloud, but more importantly, they want consistency in their spend. Paula explains the details of cooking her favorite short-rib incorporated Beef Vegetable Soup easily prepared in the pressure cooker. You'll be jealous when Chef Jenna Kinard returns with Paula as the two have fun in the kitchen preparing Jenna's decadent take on PB&J. Not only is buttermilk free of butter, it is also significantly lower in fat than its cream counterpart. Enjoy this great family moment with Paula in the kitchen. She then tops the salad off with black pepper and a homemade (and pretty healthy!) Richard chats with Dana Epp about what you should be doing to secure your cloud services in Azure. Which shouldn't come as a surprise since she says that her home state of Georgia is the peanut capital of the world. Fruit smoothies were one of Paula Deen's favorite breakfast choices. In the past for Deen, that serving of meat may have consisted of chicken fried steak. When that happens, she balances it out with healthy foods for the rest of the day. In 2012, Paula launched The Bag Lady Foundation, supporting issues of hunger that affect women and families across the country. Thanks to Aunt Joan for teaching them how to make it. Want to offer your take or ask a question? Celebrating our 250th podcast episode!! ‎Paula Deen sits down each week with family and friends to discuss tips on food and cooking. Enjoy this great family moment with Paula in the kitchen. "It doesn't taste good if you do a lighter version," Deen says. This gave her fans the opportunity to try Paula’s recipes at home and led to her first television appearance on QVC. Perhaps light mayonnaise and other diet foods pass the test as long as Deen can't actually taste them. Want to offer your take or ask a question? For the first time we’ll speak with townspeople, psychological experts, respected investigators, friends and members of both families. The conversation turns to how we measure productivity in the first place, and why we were happy with our productivity before the pan…, How secure is your office Wi-Fi? This one is a bit murky though. Want to offer your take or ask a question? The secret to the pie is her amazing homemade pie crust. Those raw peanuts take about an hour and a half to cook. Since okra does so well in the south, it's a staple vegetable you'll find always growing in Deen's garden. Celebrating our 250th podcast episode!! All rights reserved. If you've never heard of boiled peanuts, Paula Deen is shaking her finger at you. Want to offer your take or ask a question? Whether with SharePoint in the old days, or Teams today, you can make a place that is great for work and connecting the team - and the power of tr…, The Hybrid Workforce is here to stay - how do you update Windows? It’s like English class, but with more crude photoshops and fewer Gatsbys. Richard chats with Pierre Roman on the Cloud Advocates team at Microsoft about how ARM Templates are evolving to help you manage them when they get more sophisticated. Caller Judith is excited to get a call from Paula Deen - the two humorously discuss a shirt that Paula wore during her show and Paula offers to send the actual shirt to Judith.