Any suggestions? More than 17 years of passion and precision have evolved into Links LS 2000. To begin with, check out for a treasure trove of old games from pretty much any genre and should have all of my recommendations sans Riddick. Confront the cruel Queen of Hearts and the revolting toadies who enforce her evil will. Your family has been murdered. KISS: Psycho Circus The Nightmare Child straps 3D gamers into a high-paced trip through a twisted world of horror. Plop, and the first load falls towards the planet, followed by the other two. In this action-thriller, you revisit this reluctant hero, the dangerously brilliant Dr. Test Drive Le Mans delivers a realistic racing sensation of 200 mph heart-stopping action. Before your fall, you led a crusade against evil. As The Operative, Cate Archer, you must rely on cunning, stealth, superior firepower and ingenious gadgetry to protect humanity from twisted madmen bent upon world domination. This will forever be known as the decade when games became more than just games. Tzar puts you at the heart of the battle of good versus evil.... Samurai Warfare on an epic scale, thousands of warriors in battle, 8 rival factions, intrigue, assassinations, subterfuge and honour. Bioware, creators of the best-selling RPG Baldur's Gate and the critically acclaimed 3D... Trouble is brewing in this sleepy western spiral of the galaxy. As part of a newly formed ragtag aviation unit, the 45th Volunteers Squadron, players must prove themselves and earn the respect of their peers. Team Alligator is a flight simulation of the Kamov Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopter. Maintain your cover as a covert warrior in a startling variety of explosive missions ranging from underhanded sabotage to stealthy assassination to full frontal assaults where skill marks the difference between the hunter and the hunted. As leader of the Gunmen, the only law in this area of the galaxy, you must set things right. This... "Think 'n' Run Game. Also got Gothic 2 + NOTR, and thinking about S.T.A.L.K.E.R.. Drive amazing cars: the Beetle, declared "Car of the Century", the Karmann Ghia, one of the most beautiful cars ever designed, the eternal Combi or even the New Beetle Cup. Terrorists have overrun a secret Alaskan weapons base and are threatening to launch a devastating nuclear strike unless they're demands are not met within 24 hours. needs deus ex. Customize your fuel, rockets, bombs, and more in this highly accurate combat simulation. Heat is the latest racer to come from the long line of NASCAR titles from Hasbro. In this alternate history, the year is 1937 and the United States is fractured into squabbling nation-states, brought about by the weight of the Great Depression, regional prohibition and mounting isolationism. Employ stealth, strategy or action where appropriate... Steel Panthers: World at War is an entirely free game! A fierce and nasty fight for sanity and control turns into a lethal struggle for survival. He has been given the power of possession so that he can sneak up on any person, animal, or genetically engineered being and leap into their souls. Welcome to the wonderful world of Giants. So begins the next hilarious chapter in the award-winning Monkey Island series of adventures. PLAYERS COME TO LIFE Human realism and diversity in player faces, improvised facial animation, and high-impact moves bring out the emotion and excitement of FIFA soccer DYNAMIC, LIVING ENVIRONMENTS Improved sideline detail, new crowd animations, dramatic lighting, aggressive sound effects, and more VISUALLY IMPACTFUL EXPERIENCES New camera effects and new camera positioning get you closer to the action PRECISION AI New levels of perfection to enhance... 4x4 is an off-road racing game.