Integration of the Penn Directory with Workday@Penn is a companion project, but is not part of Workday@Penn’s scope. Workday holds both a legal name and a preferred name. You have been assigned required Workday courses based on your security role(s) which were assigned at the local level within your school or center. Details on Workday security can be found, For Student Workers (Non-Exempt Weekly Paid), For Our Business Partners in Schools, Centers, and Administrative Centers, Contact the Penn Employee Solution Center. Created a great experience for team members. However, it is strongly encouraged to enter your time daily. See this. If you have questions, contact the Penn Employee Solution Center, at or 215-898-7372. Where do you enter or update contact information for campus-wide emergency alerts? © 2020 THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA — 3401 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 — Report accessibility issues and get help — For ISC Staff. The time off will also appear as approved, blocked time in your calendar. The University is less than a week away from launching Workday@Penn, the new faculty affairs, human resources, and payroll system, and a major milestone in our people-centered strategy.. On July 1, Workday will make it easy to change personal information, view your pay slips, check your benefits, request time off, enter time, and find people in your … The WorkLion Management Office is a unit of the Enterprise Project Management Office, a division of Penn State Finance and Business. The Tables and Data Elements tab on the Penn Community Details page has been updated to reflect changes in data due to Workday implementation. Questions and answers may change over the next weeks. If all the data is available and correct, the incoming employee should receive their Setup code or PennKey reminder email within a few minutes of the completion of the Hire business process. The second of two major releases this year. The concept of 'home ORG' and corresponding data point 'Organization' in EntryView is being repaced by the Workday 'cost center.' Perform your retroactive time for the previous week after 12 PM on Wednesday. Do student workers have required training? Tip sheets describe in step-by-step fashion how to initiate and step through many different business processes in Workday. or No, at this point in time, this process only works for incoming new employees. Examples include: Aramark or Bon Appetit supervisors, or UPHS employees who supervise university employees. Countdown to Workday 2020 Release 2 on September 12. If that field is empty, the record is from legacy HR. The others will be removed June 30, 2019. WorkLion Management Office  Everyone is locked from entering time for the previous week from 2 PM Monday to 12 PM Wednesday. See the complete set of tip sheets for new hires on this Workday@Penn webpage. August 28, 2020 Workday 2020, Release 2: Browser Support. See the tip sheet (pdf), Detailed compensation information for staff and academic workers includes a breakdown of total rewards, including benefits and allowance. A new benefits-eligible worker can make self-service benefits elections 30 days before their start date if onboarding is completed.