Your email address will not be published. I am as big a fan of pre-shredded cheese as anyone you will ever meet, but this is the one time I take the time to actually shred a block of cheese from hand. Don't cheat and use pre-shredded cheese! I started monogramming everything. I watched it over and over again, swept away by the idea of a more gracious time, historically inaccurate as it may have been. SIMPLE SOLUTIONS FOR A STREAMLINED HOME LIFE. product, please visit Goldbelly Support here. Pimento Cheese Ball Recipe. And I discovered Pimento Cheese. Add pecans and cheese to mayo mixture, stirring until blended. It’s perfect on cracker (or served on crustless Wonder bread the traditional way), but it also makes the BEST grilled cheese and is also really, really, really good served on hamburgers or hotdogs. Join more than one million subscribers in receiving weekly tips & tricks straight to your inbox. Creamy, slightly sweet and sharp. And my mission is to find you practical solutions for everyday overwhelm. Pimento Cheese - a quintessential of Southern food; primarily a blend of sharp cheddar cheese, mayonnaise and sweet spicy pimento peppers. An addictive appetizer that goes perfectly with crackers, veggies, sandwiches Also referred to as Southern Caviar, Pimento Cheese, is, quite frankly, heaven in a bowl. Pimentos are red sweet peppers. Ever feel like you just can't keep up? Step 1: Mix the mayo, drained pimiento, Worcestershire sauce, onion and red pepper together in a large bowl until well blended. I learned that oranges “mature” not “ripen.” I started to think alligators were pretty cute. With a hateful Facebook rant, a mayor and pimento cheese giant shows all is not idyllic on Pawleys Island . Don’t cheat and use pre-shredded cheese! We're so glad you stumbled across our little corner of the interweb. They are a little bit spicy but not super spicy. Here at Living Well Spending Less, we're all about simple solutions for a streamlined home life to help make your everyday just a little bit easier. Let cool for 5-10 minutes. You see, when I was a little girl, I watched Gone With the Wind and was instantly captivated. Pawleys Island Specialty Foods 1-888-406-9823 P.O. Do This One Thing! And collard greens. In fact, I was born about as far north as you can get within the continental United States, in the northwest corner of Washington State, only a few miles from the Canadian border. Look no further than this quick recipe for Pimento Cheese, it only takes 15 minutes. When forming it into a ball, you typically use less mayo and more cream cheese to get some structure. After you've finished checking out our article below, we invite you to learn more about how we can help HERE. Chop pecans then toast them for 8-10 minutes in a 350 degree oven; stir halfway through. Want to Press the Reset Button on Your Life This Fall? For online orders of 12 oz. Do you need a fast and easy recipe for a great snack? Box 1481 Pawleys Island, SC 29585. Click here to get full access to our Home Systems Toolbox now!