All Rights Reserved. If you are using a container, be sure it has drainage holes and that the pots are at least 12 inches deep. Try watering with compost tea, which will provide phosphorus and improve blossoming, hence, fruiting. Space plants 18 inches apart in rows that are 30 inches apart. 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Sku #: 1003800471. Pulling peppers by hand can cause entire branches to break off. 1. Perfect for salads, stuffing and as a soup ingredient. 30 Best Selling Heirloom Vegetable Seeds! Don’t rush getting the plants out in the garden. California Wonder: One of the best large 'Bell' peppers!Ripens green to red; the crisp, thick flesh has a mild, pleasant flavor. Frost-fighting plan: Pepper is a hot-weather crop. Water transplants in well. Pimento peppers are small, sweet, heart-shaped peppers that ripen to red in color. Sowing: Start these Pimento sweet pepper seeds for sale indoors in peat pots about 8 weeks before the last expected spring frost. From mild and sweet to eye-watering spicy and hot, we've got the pepper for you! This beautiful plant looks like an ornamental, but its fruit is edible, too—and quite potent! New varieties. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. Plant one plant per 12-inch pot when container gardening. Looking forward to a productive spring. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Good job. Have questions, we welcome your call. l Think the little plastic bags are quite nice and I can store the seed I didn't plant until I need it. For seeds, sow ¼ inch deep in a well-draining starting mix. The plants produce heavy yields of green, heart-shaped fruit that mature to bright red. Our favourite seasoning pepper is probably the Internet #: 308557883. Everything has begun germination.. Pepper Pimento and Pepper Pepperoncini all the others received as expected. Excellent for canning, casseroles, garnishes, and of course, in the classic cheese spread. For a…, Make a roasted red pepper and oregano sauce to enhance the flavor of fresh asparagus.…, With its mix of vibrant colors and mild flavors, this recipe for Marinated Sweet Peppers…, The secret to this scrumptious pudding is the addition of orange juice and cinnamon. They only get to be about 1 ½ inches across and are very mild with a Scoville heat rating of less than 500 units. This elongated, 3-lobed beauty performs well in hot and cool regions.