Buy Soviet WWII classic cars GAZ-67, GAZ AA and BA 64. It is a very nice car. Firing Range, km 1.2 (KPVT) We export Russian and Soviet military vehicles and aircraft to the USA and Canada. Suspension spring with longitudinal semi-elliptic springs. We source Russian, Czechoslovakian and East German classic cars for movies. The installation is placed on the pins in the frontal part of the turret, its guidance in the vertical plane, within −5 ... + 30 °, is carried out manually using a screw mechanism, horizontal aiming is carried out by rotating the turret. Number 1 truck and plant auction sales. WHO ARE WE? The aiming of machine guns at the target is carried out with the help of a periscope telescopic sight PP-61 or PP-61AM, having a magnification of 2.6 × with a field of view of 23 ° and providing fire from KPVT at a distance of up to 2000 meters and from PKT - up to 1500 meters. Our base of operations is "The Rocket Site", Misson, Bawtry, Doncaster which is a 60 acre, MOD direct sales, used military trucks, Land Rovers, bv206 amphibious Home Ex.Army News About us Service Logistics Ex.MOD Video Contact us Stocklist Latest arrivals New vehicles Used vehicles EX.Military Civil Enquiry Cart. Fully-equipped field service trucks with advanced diagnostic equipment. Cherished Military Vehicle Insurance can provide cover to suit the needs of today’s ex-military vehicle enthusiast, with a range of benefits. The BRDM-2 armoured hull in terms of security corresponds to the 1st NATO class - in the side projection and the 2nd NATO class in the frontal (with the exception of the turret) - that is, it provides protection against ordinary (without a heat-strengthened core) bullets of both automatic and rifle cartridges when firing at the side, point-blank, fragments of 155/152 mm shells from a distance of 100 meters. Just arrived Mercedes GWagon 240 Scout Special Forces, Just arrived 50 Used MAN HX60 18.330 4x4, Hagglund BV206 Personnel Carrier (Petrol/Gasolene), Scania SBAT 111SA 6x6 drop side cargo truck, Ex Military Fluid Transfer 1000 Litre Tanker Trailer, Thompson 32,000 Litre Fuel Tanker Trailer. It has 4 forward and one reverse gear. - The UK's leading suppliers of EX.MOD/ NATO We deliver deactivated deco Russian guns. Ground pressure, kg / cm² 0.5..2.7 To overcome trenches and trenches, two pneumatic wheels from each side were installed on the BRDM-2. The turret shooter, in addition to the sight of the machine-gun mount, which he used as the main means of observation, had a TNPT-1 periscope device installed in the roof of the turret and providing 52 ° observation of the feed sector. We procure armoured vehicles, trucks and tanks for our clients and film-makers. Used Field Gear for sale. Wheel formula 4 × 4 (8 × 8) Ex military vehicles for sale. Having a lot of Soviet military surplus for sale, we offer Soviet T-55 tanks and T-34 tanks, Russian armoured vehicles BRDM-2 and BTR-60, Soviet heavy military trucks ZIL, GAZ, URAL, KRAZ and KAMAZ and recovery tanks VT-55. The clutch is single-plate, damper with an outer diameter of the driven disk of 300 mm. We specialise in the sale of good quality used vehicles, plant and equipment as was formerly owned by NATO forces and which has done little work during it's life. 360 Tracked and wheeled amphibious vehicles on sale (BV 202, BV 206, Sisu Nasu, ATS-59G and LUAZ-967). Field Gear and Ammo Pouches & Cases to Bags & Packs and Hydration, you can be sure to find exactly what you need. ford crossing: swims. Machine guns 1 x 14.5 mm KPVT Buy Eastern army vehicles on-line. We act as advisors on military acquisitions. 1.5 (FCT) TPN-B and TNPO-115 had a single increase and were distinguished by the presence in the latter of electric heating, which improved visibility through them at low temperatures.