In partnership with the English Department, we set aside a full day during the school week to give our students the space and time they deserve to complete their applications. 0000001715 00000 n April 25, 2021, September 23 – for on-campus learners only 0000006816 00000 n View their 2020 profile to find tuition cost, acceptance rates, reviews and more. August 24 0000001917 00000 n November 7 (SAT) Led by an experienced team of college counselors — with input from teachers, coaches, and advisors — our four-year college counseling curriculum takes the guesswork and anxiety out of the college search process. September 6, 2020 0000156608 00000 n Pursue interests. 0000002603 00000 n In light of the unprecedented uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and the start of school in September, our calendar is still evolving. Every year counts, and each year is more important than the previous. November 7 – open test with essay and subject tests, September 13 – for on-campus learners only, September 23 0000047054 00000 n 0000139820 00000 n Carey Lecture Series brings an admissions dean or director from a highly selective college or university to campus each year. October 14 – for on-campus learners only 0000139435 00000 n 0000040681 00000 n Boarding students arrive - by appointment, September 10 0000168586 00000 n 0000029442 00000 n 0000231552 00000 n We have also added a second meal block for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, among other changes. 0000106362 00000 n 0000003364 00000 n 0000006073 00000 n This calendar is being updated on a regular basis. Please check back frequently for the most up-to-date information. %PDF-1.4 %���� Build bridges. November 12. Once at college, our students tend to do phenomenally well, with higher rates of achievement and lower rates of transfer than their peers. Naviance is a password-protected, web-based college counseling portal customized for Pomfret. And beyond college, our alumni have gone on to — quite literally — change the world. October 18, 2020 – fall midterm Cultivate friendships. The United States is home to more than 3,000 four-year colleges and universities, each with its own distinctive mix of traits and characteristics. To explore or download the schedule, click the links below. 0000003107 00000 n 0000140090 00000 n Students allowed to arrive for a two week on-campus quarantine, September 6–8 The result of this carefully-structured approach is a college placement rate of 100 percent, with the vast majority of applicants getting into one of their top two choices. 0000005165 00000 n March 22, 2021 – spring midterm 0000006251 00000 n 0000003918 00000 n 0000018200 00000 n 0000106433 00000 n Online classes for all students, September 14 – November 20 0000005053 00000 n 0000106530 00000 n 0000041154 00000 n A quick overview of our school, including our three-year matriculation list. This year our daily schedule alternates between a 5-day week and a 6-day week — with the sixth class day being Saturday. Never be afraid to fail. V & VI Forms Over the last three years, Pomfret students have matriculated to 151 different colleges and universities. As with any big, open-ended life decision, there is a very natural tendency to hyperfocus on making the. 0000005418 00000 n 0000001356 00000 n Over the last three years, Pomfret students have matriculated to 151 different colleges and universities. October 29 September 8, 2020   0000012651 00000 n For many high school students, the college search process can feel overwhelming. They vary from small liberal arts colleges to Ivy League schools to large research universities, and everything in between. But you can relax (a little bit) because here’s the truth: there is no such thing as the perfect school. For many high school students, the college search process can feel overwhelming. Plan productive summers that allow for well-deserved downtime. h�b```a``�����Xy�A���bl@Y�-��6``�cg�x ? 970 0 obj <> endobj xref 970 53 0000000016 00000 n Thoughtfully select a challenging but manageable slate of courses. Starting freshman year, our students participate in a grade-specific college counseling seminar to help them become empowered self advocates. This interactive event invites families to act as members of a mock admissions committee in a simulation led by administrators from a wide range of colleges and universities.