Twenty years ago, on 4 July 1999, the nation's sweethearts David Beckham and Victoria Adams made it official in a quiet, intimate ceremony with just a few family and friends... in a castle, with crowns, thrones, a Vera Wang dress, an outfit change into matching Quality Street-purple for the evening, and a reported £1 million OK magazine deal. Please provide a valid email address. 3-MINUTE READ July 9, 2019. The whole family (minus baby Harper) supported Victoria at the West End launch of the Spice Girls musical, Viva Forever. Insert your own Out Of Your Mind joke re David's headwear here, Going for the flamenco look with old pal Elton John at his annual White Tie and Tiara Ball in 2001, David Beckham: the man responsible for men up and down the country thinking they were cool enough to pull off headbands in 2002, Living for Posh in this sunflower yellow vest and trucker cap combo - this pic was taken in Spain following David's move to Real Madrid, Peak noughties baggy jeans and a beanie for David, as he announces the birth of the couple's second son, Romeo, in 2002, Britney and Justin in head-to-denim circa 2001 aside, no one does matching better than Victoria and David Beckham. "He would rather see both sets of parents separately in the lead up to the holidays, and then fly out somewhere hot where they can all let their hair down. “It’s even harder this year, now Ted [his dad] has his girlfriend Hilary to consider.". The pair are said to be “at war” over what they are doing for the festive season, as Posh is keen for a cosy family Christmas at their Cotswolds home, while David is desperate for them to spend it in Miami to get to know his new … Many Spice Girls fans were pinning their hopes on Victoria Beckham, known as Posh Spice, reuniting with her bandmates, Geri Horner, Emma Bunton, Mel B and Mel C in London last night. Celebrities & Influencers. 5 Fashion Faux-Pas the Beckhams Would Probably Prefer to Forget Read Article. Almost as infuential as the Rachel from Friends, this cut spawned a thousand copycats in 2006, Posh and Becks were on the guest list for Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's wedding in Italy. The following year, the couple attended the royal wedding of the Prince William and Kate Middleton while Victoria was pregnant with daughter Harper, and were named among the best-dressed guests. Flawless, Pants, pens, Pepsi - you name it, the Beckhams have advertised it. Listen now. And next to Brad and Jen, no less! © 2016 Savoir Flair. "She knows it’s awkward for him to decide who to invite, as Ted and [his mum] Sandra won’t want to attend together if Ted’s got his girlfriend there. The two just celebrated their 20th anniversary, prompting us to take a time machine back to the past to analyze how their style has evolved. The Beckhams were pictured on a shopping trip in Paris. “Vic’s trying to remain positive and give the impression that she’s happy and fun to be around right now – but secretly she’s miserable, as she’s got no idea what’s going on for Christmas, and it’s really starting to bother her,” heat’s insider adds. Creepy waxworks! Someone's doing all right. A formal look for the New York launch of the couple's his and hers perfume, 'Signature.'.