Welcome to Registration at the University of Sheffield. Attend the UHS registration event during Intro week to finalise your medical registration. I have clicked that I do not need to upload a sponsor letter by mistake and I need to upload one. Once this is completed you don’t need to do anything else until you attend the UHS registration event during Intro Week. Why should I register with the University Health Service (UHS)? You must ensure that you keep in contact with Student Finance and provide all information they request. Alternatively, look for Find in the 'Edit' menu for Internet Explorer, or by clicking on ☰ in Firefox and Chrome. I already have a degree from Sheffield. If you have been provided with your previous username then please access pre-registration through this way. My Student Loan has not been confirmed. Once you have completed registration online, you will be contacted by email with a specific time and place to collect your UCard. I believe my fees are incorrect and the amount it is showing I have to pay is not what I think I should be paying. How do I get the alumni discount? I am an Erasmus student; do I need to provide any English Language Qualifications? I have uploaded one side of my Biometric Residence Pass (BRP). Yes, you will need to complete pre-registration as this will create you a student record and allow you to create your student account. If you have been provided with your previous username then please access pre-registration through this way. We can assist you with any alternative arrangements that may be necessary. They can be contacted on: My name is incorrect. If you still can’t see these tasks three weeks before your start date please contact the pre-registration team at. Please contact international student support and guidance on the following web form. Missed Your Ucard or BRP (Biometric Residence Permit) Collection Event? I have completed my pre-registration, am I registered for my course now? What should I do? What should I do? Can I have the university’s bank details? 1. I am worried about registration and have lost my offer letter/email what should I do? I am a student at University of Sheffield International College/ English Language Teaching Centre, do I still need to take this action? Registration in September If you are a new student arriving in Sheffield in September, please follow the appropriate link below to find out what you need to do: Before registration What do I do? What are your reasons for undertaking doctoral study? Please only complete the tasks that are relevant to you, for example, if you are paying your fees yourself, please do not complete the Upload a Sponsor Letter Task. If you are an international student, as well as your passport you must also present your stamped travel vignette. What is my password? I have entered an incorrect email address into the preferred email address section. We strongly recommend that you register with UHS if you are planning to live in Sheffield. Who can I contact if I have a general enquiry about my time in Sheffield (i.e. If you are having a Student Finance tuition fee loan but have ticked self-funded by mistake, you don’t need to to anything but please bring your ‘University or College Payment and Advice’ document with you to your registration event. The University Health Service is an NHS GP (Doctor) Practice, primarily focused on Student Health. You might not have received an applicant number if you have applied through UCAS. For any queries regarding accommodation please contact. You should have received a library number which will enable access to online e-resources once you have registered. Do I need to complete all the tasks in the pre-registration application? Key registration events. Please ensure you are referring to your emails from preregistration@sheffield.ac.uk with details about your online ELTC course so you are able to access the correct pre-registration tasks. Remember that tuition fee funding is your responsibility and you will be liable to pay the tuition fee from your own funds if you do not get the tuition fee loan. Yes, you will need to complete pre-registration even if we already have the information for your previous course. If you have any questions about your CAS application then please contact the Compliance Team in Admissions on pbsapply@sheffield.ac.uk, please quote your full name and applicant number when you contact them. 1. I have completed my Undergraduate degree and am registering for a Masters/PhD. For any queries regarding modules, what you can take, times, and other such questions please contact your academic department. The discount will then automatically be deducted from your fee.