If you have a question, I likely can't stop all malicious hacking, but I'd like to slow them down a great deal. Therefore, you want the least amount of distractors on your page so that people focus on doing what you want them to do: register. Why Is Product Licensing Important? Really? Check out the 6 best practices for creating effective registration pages below. We kept the social proof (testimonials and relevant numbers) on the page below the fold for the information seekers who still weren’t sure. Making a faster alternative for {PatternSequence[1, PatternSequence[2, 3 ..] ..] ..}. Apple has 100% registration rates of their devices as customers gain additional value from iTunes and App Stores. Best practices for coding date sensitive websites, I need advice developing a sensitive data transfer/storage/encryption system. Product registration is an onramp for customer engagement and brands can realize better lifetime value of customers by increasing the registration rates. As products become more connected, brands can use similar strategies to deliver additional value through integrated services. They also use conversational language like “So what do you do?” which feels like they are really just trying to get to know you. Correct this!” This is the aspect of the registration process that a lot of us don’t think through but there are good ways to validate and there are not as good of ways. My favorite registration process is by Prezi and I’ll tell you why. So make sure that, from the homepage, your users know what they’re getting. Brands need to provide an opt-out option for marketing material and earn their trust by clearly stating their privacy policies. Why do oscilloscopes have such high sampling rates when the bandwidth is low? Swapping out our Syntax Highlighter. Brands tend to ask too many questions in an effort to capture demographic information, intimidating the customer. We designed a page that had less text above the fold, emphasized email more so than social log ins by moving them under the email registration, and kept the energy going from the previous page through the registration process with the bright colors, the fun mascots, and the big bright button. And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…(*drumroll please*)…  The Piktochart Registration Test results! PHP is the least secure language runtime out there, and the field of encryption is one of the the hardest to get right without a Phd in advanced mathematics. (Note, I know only PHP.) If you write just “Username” and “Password” within the fields but the Password needs to be 7 characters long and include numbers and a capital letter, you’re going to need to tell the users about it, before they get that error message. See all. We tried two different variations actually – one with the social logins below the email sign in, and one with the social logins beside the email registration – for equal focus. No one wants to do this. Current product registration is a paper card or a long web form, discouraging customers from filling in and completing the registration. What technical details should a programmer of a web application consider before making the site public? Does hillbilly slang fall under a type of English language and if not, what is it referred as if anything? As a result, companies can grow sales through word-of-mouth marketing. You can give a local phone number for support, or offer free shipping! That not only relates to time but also- oh look! I'm talking about things like encrypting traffic, testing the encryption from hacking like a man-in-the-middle attack, etc. Best process for product development and maintenance by a small team? For example, if you need an address, perhaps ask for a Zip Code – and then City and State are all filled out! Tell them why it’s worth it. If you have a range of audiences, consider placing on large call to action, and other options as text links below. This shows you how crucial it is to be able to access your site from mobile. Just to put this into perspective, 593 words is longer than the amount of words in Taylor Swift’s song, Shake It Off, and 111 words is the first verse and chorus of that song. Brands must demonstrate the value for customers by allowing them to easily manage product ownership and warranties. We discuss in our articles on CTAs and conversion optimization and how important it is to have just one call to action. Thanks for contributing an answer to Software Engineering Stack Exchange! Conversioner is a conversion optimization agency that specializes in emotional targeting, consumer psychology and data. Overall, these pages increased registration conversions by 14%! Use these tips to make the registration easy, straightforward, and filled with the energy you want your users to feel! How secure could that possibly be in other areas! So test and see how your audience responds, checking both registrations and final conversions. Registration can facilitate connection to customer communities for sharing of product ratings, reviews and getting help from social networks. Can a private person make money off of a market crash? Highest apogee of a Soviet/Russian crewed spacecraft? If you find that you need to add more fields, and you cannot make it short and sweet – consider splitting your registration page into easy, simple steps over a few pages and keeping a progress bar so that users always know where they are in the process and how close they are to the finish line!