Partner up with a Reyvateil, a girl who can create magic through songs, and fight your way back up the tower to save your home. Experience first-hand all of the hard work, drama and thrill of creating one of the most beautiful bikes on the road today. New characters include Pipotron, Helga and a mysterious new boss. [Acclaim], (U.S. The explosions are the greatest hand-animated explosions to ever grace a television screen. [THQ], Featuring online play, Area 51 is set in the U.S. government's most top-secret and secure facility located in the Nevada desert. But just the same, keep your back covered, Raven. New Cross-Connection Compatibility with ATV Offroad Fury Pro for PSP – Players are now able to share customized circuits, exchange and upgrade vehicles, and access chat rooms and newsgroups with the upcoming ATV Offroad Fury Pro for PSP. Directly inspired by the animated film of the same name, Arthur and the Invisibles allows players to relive the adventures depicted in the film, which tells the story of young Arthur who finds the magical adventure of a lifetime in his own backyard. The Gaulish prisoners are triple-locked to carts, each closely guarded by a whole legion of Romans. There were also sections for Agrippa outside of the arena. Other modes will include a training course and waypoint editor. Dominate the open run, survive the hazing, and bring it home in the final game, as seen on ESPN. Enjoy environments and characters from the TV show plus never before seen enemies and creatures. Sadly, the game was both short and overly linear, but it did spawn a sequel, not to mention an anime, which isn’t bad for a game most PS2 owners probably never even know existed. In this game, which put you up against all sorts of deadly ghosts and spirits, you didn’t play as a soldier with guns, a police officer, or even an adult with a stick. Melbourne House created the 2004 Transformers title on PS2, and it was a very good game, arguably better than High Moon’s, in fact. The Earth Government is struggling with the powerful Corporations for control of the planet - and they desperately need the help from the Ravens. Weapons and parts have been completely redesigned from the previous titles and new part types have been added, thereby allowing longtime users to build completely new AC designs. The characters were great, not out of place in any Disney epic, and although it took a while to get used to, the control scheme worked very well. It arrived with little fanfare, and didn’t do all that well commercially, despite having some improved visuals and CG cut scenes. An action-adventure game that tells the story of Kratos – once a Spartan warrior, currently the servant of Olympus. When it comes to gameplay Hitman: Blood Money retains the core mechanics of the series, offering expansive missions whose objectives can be completed in many different ways. [DSI Games]. The third entry revolutionized the series by unleashing the players into an open, fully three-dimensional world brimming with virtual life. Smarty Pants or Smart Alec? The Suffering featured some great creature designs, not surprising as they were created by Stan Winston (the make-up effects master behind Aliens, Terminator, and Jurassic Park). The modular weapon you carried could be fully customized, and various environmental puzzles were put into play. It went on to spawn two sequels, and is now very much back in the public eye. It was a great, team-based adventure, and one that is considered to be a canonical sequel. As the initially nameless agent known only as XIII, you had to progress through the various, comic-style levels to uncover a sinister conspiracy.