Virginia and made friendships that will last a lifetime. In the indoor arena there are words written on the wall to remind students about all the things we need to work on or pay attention to. has brought me closer to God and helped me figure out what's I'm doing the correct things, not only on the ground, but on A good working knowledge of the English language is important. Working students/interns/apprentices from non-English speaking countries get a chance to improve their English language skills as they will be fully immersed in the Canadian way of life. Working students/interns/apprentices may also help out with other aspects of the business, such as advertising and marketing, web design, and other computer and office related tasks. Reliable, hard working, honest students are urged to apply. ", All rights reserved by Gary Cooper Performance Horses Copyright ©2011, Internships are typically available from April 1 through mid-, October, with flexible start and end dates. – Please email us to request an application form. my expectations I had before coming there. Internship Program. various ages, personalities, and abilities, in a fantastic – A keen interest in learning Irwin Insights (Chris Irwin)’ non-resistance training methods is required. Birgit is a passionate teacher. I could Alcohol, drug, and smoke free Christian facility. us for more information. mean being an intern; it means becoming part of a wonderful I didn't know much about training horses when There is so much more to learn and so many more horses to work with. That was exactly what I needed. From June until November 2015, I had the great chance to spend five month at Falling Star Ranch as a working student. Birgit knows her horses from the inside out and saw exactly what I had to change in my riding to make the horse feel better. Filled / Expired. Required minimum length of stay is three consecutive months. Working student positions/internships Falling Star Ranch Academy of Foundational Horsemanship offers a limited number of working student positions/internships/apprenticeships every year. environment focused on providing the best chances for I walked up to him and he just walked away from me. Voilà. Also learn the proper way to colt starting, and how to bring a young horse … Reliable, hard working, honest students Spirit speaks through Charles and Michele in their riding skills with young and finished horses, enhance employment Tuition MAY prices vary based on experience and weeks attended. If you have a love for horses and want to learn more but here will always hold a very special place in my heart. They never failed to make it feel like Not a very good rider at the beginning, she pushed me quite hard and it was definitely worth it as after five-month I left the ranch as a far better rider than when I came to Canada. – If you are accepted as a working student/intern/apprentice, your acceptance is on a “probationary” status. My year Depending on their skill level and length of stay, working students/interns/apprentices may also assist with exercising and training of horses (lungeing, round penning and other groundwork, as well as riding). would. Horse Ranch Internship Breeding / Training. to the same thing-our good God. Shorter stays may be possible for a fee. – Overall, working students/interns/apprentices are expected to be positive team players who are willing to help out wherever needed. Almost every day I got either a riding and/or a groundwork lesson. A working student position/internship/apprenticeship is, however, not guaranteed upon completion of the mentorship program, horsemanship course or boot-camp and depends on the availability of working student/internship/apprenticeship positions, as well as skill level and attitude/work ethic of the applicant.