Sadly it's the kids that lose due to the greed of adults. I don't know SD but I admire him for having the balls and resources to try to do something about the broken state of hockey in IL - unlike the rest of us who just bitch on this forum but don't do anything about it. There are so many families that are dissatisfied with AAA in Illinois. According to the complaint, Illinois has one Tier 1 team for every 5,837 players, a ratio far higher than any other state. Do you open and read threads about mites and squirts if your player is a bantam? If your kid has any talent you need to move them out of state by Bantam or midget. The hockey families in Illinois need to press the issue as well and stop supporting a broken crooked system. we'll email you a link to the story. Finally! Anyone who thinks this is about getting AA kids on AAA teams is a shit-head. you wish to subscribe to. In December, Black Bear Sports Group filed a federal complaint saying the AHAI denied a charter and otherwise tried to keep amateur hockey in the state confined to nonprofit organizations. at this point, this thread is like a SPAM mail. They said the rule also means that many players who are good enough to … An additional lawsuit, filed in December, concerns Tier II participation and state association’s rules regarding not-for-profit status. The lawsuits illuminate a peculiarity of youth hockey. The Reapers said Illinois has the worst ratio of Tier I clubs to players of a dozen other states, with one for every 5,837 players, whereas Indiana has three Tier 1 clubs, one for every 1,282 players. The Reapers want a judge to force AHAI to issue additional charters to top tier teams, and to bar the four current top tier clubs from serving on AHAI’s Tier I Committee or being involved in decisions about how many charters should be issued and to which teams. The lawsuit needs to be a class action lawsuit about these non profits ignoring bylaws and IRS laws in some cases. select the organizations Everyone can't just sit back and wait for SD to fix your problems. In a complaint field Feb. 21 in Chicago federal court, the Reapers Hockey Association said AHAI has abandoned its mission of increasing participation in youth hockey because it’s “been effectively hijacked into serving the pecuniary interests of the existing four hockey clubs” with top-tier AHAI charters. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, Reapers v. AHAI, Mission, CYA, Fury, & TI. vs Costa Kitchens LLC on Sept. 22, Sept. 16: Circuit Court of Cook County docket for "personal injury(motor vehicle)" cases, Case activity for Illinois Workers vs Arthur Avalos on Sept. 22, Sept. 16: Circuit Court of Cook County docket for "contract" cases, Case activity for Pca Acquisitions vs Frank P. Falzone on Sept. 22, Case activity for Autovest, LLC vs Donisha Dunlap on Sept. 22, Case activity for State Farm Mutual vs Roman Santos on Sept. 22, Case activity for Georgina Young vs Bradley Sears on Sept. 22, Case activity for Liberty Mutual Ins vs Marcus C. Watson on Sept. 22, Case activity for Campbell Jada vs Brian Schaap on Sept. 22, Case activity for Allstate Fire & vs Imelda Soto on Sept. 22, Case activity for Woodbury Property vs Chester Chow on Sept. 22, Judge: No insurance coverage for dentist whose revenue plunged after Pritzker COVID lockdown orders, Sept. 16: Circuit Court of Cook County docket for "property damage" cases, Circuit Court of Cook County: Actions Taken on Sept. 16, Report: Election of new clerk chance for reforms to boost public accountability, accessibility in Cook County courts, Appeals panel: Engineer allegedly acted intentionally in Crestwood water coverup, so no insurance coverage for $18M settlement. There is zero oversight. Black Bear Sports Group, an owner and operator of ice rinks across the U.S., expressed interest in creating a Tier II team at one of its Illinois rinks. total bullshit. In both cases, the plaintiffs also have financial incentive to see the sport expand, as this would certain result in increased revenue for the club and rinks. Will be used in accordance with our privacy policy. The four youth clubs that currently have Tier I status are also named defendants. Despite this rise in popularity, however, the participation opportunities are extremely limited and the cost remains prohibitive for many would-be participants. The complaint said the clubs and AHAI conspired to “maintain and abuse AHAI’s monopoly power over amateur hockey in Illinois,” including by inflating the price of participation, covering up anti-competitive behavior, financially benefitting a small group of people and bullying and intimidating challengers. Illinois hasn’t added a Tier I club since the Mission joined in 2001. Reapers alleges that they have no incentive to lower costs without any real competition. AHAI, which serves as the state’s affiliate for governing body USA Hockey, allows only four clubs to participate at Tier 1, and those slots are already full. The Reaper is dead! Let it go CS/NIHL kids that can’t make AAA but daddy has deep pockets to buy a AAA charter!