Patterns are speckled or with soft mottling that can resemble natural stone. Regular Price:$9.99. Check out the good and the bad below and later on we’ll compare recycled crushed glass counters to other popular surfaces. ANYTHING that’s not a food or beverage bottle or jar, including: If these materials are introduced into the manufacturing process, they will cause production problems and defective containers. The sturdy material is a mix of 100 percent recycled glass combined with Portland cement and non-toxic pigments. Ultimately, it calls for the work of skilled trade contractors. We truly believe when it comes to enduring style and the best bang for your remodeling dollars, you will never regret installing a white kitchen, and this gorgeous one by Massachusetts based CW Designs perfectly illustrates our point. To whet your appetite for this beautiful surface, we gathered our favorite examples for busy cooking spaces. When it comes to everlasting beauty, we love recycled glass surfaces like these Alpine White countertops by Brooklyn based, IceStone, shown in this kitchen by Howells Architecture & Design out of Portland, Oregon. Some of the benefits include: Chemically inert; Increased abrasion resistance; Superior corrosion resistance; Improved scratch resistance; Low thermal expansion coefficient Possible colors are similar to glass but with a greater choice of patterns. Round (1/2″ X 1/4″) Recycled Glass - Jewel Mix. New Research Shows Chickens Suffer Unbearably as Consumers Grow Increasingly Concerned About the Welfare of their Food Supply, Dog Trapped at the Bottom of a Sinkhole Gets Rescued, Pink Dolphins Return to Shores of Hong Kong Thanks to Coronavirus Lockdown, 10 Heartbreaking Ways Breeders Cause Life-Threatening Harm to Purebred Dogs by Inbreeding, 6 Groundbreaking Laws that Offer Legal Protection to Animals in the United States, Time to Get Real. These countertops are often made-to-order and not generally available as slabs at your local stone yard or from big box stores like Lowes or Home Depot. Granite costs from $45 - $200 per square foot, but most granite countertops installed will be in the $55 - $75 psf range. The mixture is then heated to between 2,600 and 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit, making liquid glass. Glass in Astroturf and related applications (e.g. Depending on the color, recycled glass countertops can resemble sparkly granite. Glass as an abrasive. Both resin and cement-based counters can be discolored by some cleaners and chemicals (which is also true of quartz countertops). Recycled glass countertops are not as easily found and purchased as granite, marble or quartz countertops. Fortunately, almost all glass containers are produced using some recycled material, as it is not only environmentally friendly, but economically beneficial. Granite and recycled glass countertops are quite different in composition, looks, and performance. That's also a factor to consider when choosing an edge treatment. Though recycled glass is extremely durable and strong once in place, if it is dropped during installation it can crack or chip. Food stains are possible from foods and drinks on cement-based surfaces creating dark spots where the substance has absorbed into the countertop. Australia 3000, Email have many colors with veins as the main pattern element. Selecting GRS for your next multifamily development will result in more than 30% cost savings versus granite. The ceramic backsplash is made up of custom tiles. This countertop material is extremely durable but not indestructible. Mixed glass waste streams can also be recycled and converted into an aggregate. Heat-resistance for short periods is decent however, it's wise to take note that leaving hot pans on recycled glass can permanently scorch the surface. Alpine White Recycled Glass Kitchen Countertop, Floating Blue with Sea Pearl Recycled Glass Countertops, Create a Colorful and Eco-Friendly Kitchen, White Kitchen With White Recycled Glass Countertops, Colorful Recycled Glass Countertops That Resembles Confetti, Kitchen Countertop Made from Beer and Sparkling Water Bottles, Modern Farmhouse Kitchen With Recycled Glass Countertops, Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Inspiration for Your Next Remodel, Bistro Green Recycled Glass Kitchen Countertops, Bretagne Blue Recycled Glass Kitchen Countertops, 12 Unique Countertop Ideas You've Got to See to Believe, 15 Striking Kitchens With Concrete Countertops, 37 Colorful Kitchen Ideas to Brighten Your Cooking Space, 16 Stylish Kitchens With Laminate Countertops, 14 Soapstone Countertops to Inspire Your Kitchen Design, 20 Granite Kitchen Countertops for Every Decor Style, 10 Stylish Kitchens With Limestone Countertops, 11 Kitchens With Herringbone Tile Backsplashes, 26 Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas You Can Easily Copy, 16 Modern Kitchens With Butcher Block Countertops, 10 Gorgeous Kitchens With Solid Surface Countertops, 21 Chic and Stylish White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas.