Switzerland’s government encourages its citizens to take ownership of their individual waste and waste recycling efforts. Their waste-to-energy incineration plants help in reducing the waste volume that effectively helps in landfill space conservation. Terms and Conditions, Read our BYO Singapore Guide 2018: Rating for F&B Retailers’ Efforts to Reduce Plastic Disposables, DIY and Turn Waste Into Useful Items and Art, Air Conditioning Equipment & Systems-Repairs & Cleaning, Free eResources from the National Library Board. Remarkably, Sweden recycles almost 100 percent of all household waste produced. As with South Korea, non-compliance leads to stiff penalties. The country also banned the incineration of dense plastics and metals and also introduced a separate set of rules for food waste recycling. Your act of giving helps to conserve our Earth’s finite resources, and slow down global warming. Reducing is preferable to reusing, and reusing is preferable to recycling, but all three activities lead to best solution for helping our planet and minimizing landfill. Purchases all types and forms of plastic scrap. Besides companies, consumers also play an important role in reducing plastic waste here. With the rise of green consumerism, companies can better engage and encourage consumers to reduce use of plastics and other materials through incentive schemes, product labels and other initiatives. We reduce our carbon footprint by combining and scheduling your orders together with others so that each of you wouldn’t need to travel to get your soap purchased. All of these activities create major water and air pollution. According to the 2015 Nielsen’s Global Sustainability Report, Singapore consumers are increasingly concerned about the sustainability credentials of the products they buy. The country also banned landfills in 2000, meaning that all non-recyclable, combustible waste is incinerated. In addition, citizens are expected to pre-sort household waste into one of six bins. Be recognised for your environmental credentials by taking part in the Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards here! To provide impetus for more actions to be taken to reduce waste, the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources has outlined plans to reduce packaging waste. Until we start sharply reducing global-warming pollution, I will feel that I have failed.” – Al Gore. “Today we’re dumping 70 million tons of global-warming pollution into the environment, and tomorrow we will dump more, and there is no effective worldwide response. Recycling saves energy; making products from recycled material is more energy efficient than starting with “raw material.” Almost every industry produces waste that can be recycled. Combined efforts at national and municipal levels have helped Italy reach a recycle rate of 52.6 percent. Recycling plastic reduces the greenhouse gases emissions. There is critical need for innovations in recovery and treatment technologies, development of new, environmentally-friendly substitutes and product designs that better facilitate reuse or recycling of plastic. The success of Germany’s waste management efforts can be attributed to strict enforcement of government policies. Simply put, the government looks to the 3Rs—Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. For example, 91 percent of its scrap cars are recycled. Consumers today want to do business with companies that are eco friendly, but recycling also makes economic sense. Recycling trucks can be differentiated from refuse trucks by a recycling logo featured on the side of the truck and are painted blue. We also reuse and recycle our bulk packaging and reduce the need to recycle individual plastic bottles. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle are three practices that we can observe to lessen the amount of trash we produce. Shop Online for great deals. Paying attention to environmental sustainability is not just good for the environment, it is also sound business. Zero Waste SG also collaborates with National Environmental Agency to put up posters to serve as prompts, and to educate the public on ways to practice the 3Rs. A little help goes a long way – the SEC has been working with retailers and environmental NGOs to provide shoppers with reusable bags, encouraging them to reduce their use of single-use plastic bags. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Your Waste Insights May 8, 2009 September 25, 2017 3 Rs , Recycle , Reduce , Reuse , Waste minimisation , waste recycling , waste reduction , Zero Waste Singapore You can practise the 3 Rs in your daily lives – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (in order of sequence). Scotland’s government came up with a Zero Waste Plan in 2010. Contact Lian Gim (S) Trading for your plastic & metal recycling needs through this form or by calling (+65) 6635 7410. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. REUSE, REDUCE & RECYCLE at TANGS. We are a fully registered and licensed business with National Environmental Agency (NEA). This in turn mitigates climate change. Metals like aluminum and tin cans, steel products, copper wiring and pipes, and more can all be recycled and transformed into new materials. ♥ Free Local Delivery $100+ Free Samples Instant Rebates ☆ Click and Collect Here's a list, Most Americans don't know these lucrative Social Security "secrets", Incredible Blanket Puts Humans In A Deep Sleep, Melting Stress Away, 23 Gadgets That Could Sell Out Before the Holidays, © Mel Longhurst/VW Pics/UIG via Getty Images, © Craig Ferguson/LightRocket via Getty Images, © Photofusion/Universal Images Group via Getty Images, © Michael Gottschalk/Photothek via Getty Images.