What is India International Stock Exchange? Looking for Low Brokerage, High Margin & Free Tips? 3rd Step – Enter Quantity of Shares. It will also provide you with actual profit or loss incurred in the entire buy & sell process. For Intraday trading, you have to close your position on same day and if you know your breakeven point up front, it is easy for you to close your trade. When doing trade in Futures (Equity or Index), you can take a long and short position, but in both the cases you must know your breakeven point and proper exit timing. This will depend on your turnover, segment, state and some factors. The below displayed brokerage calculator will calculate not just brokerage but also other charges levied by the stock broker such as Transaction charges, Stamp Duty by different states of India, STT (Securities Transaction Tax), GST (Goods and Services Tax) and more that are not generally explicitly mentioned. Reliance Securities charges several government taxes and fees in addition to the brokerage. It is calculated by sum up all the taxes and … When doing Intraday trading, it is important to know your breakeven point. You can use this Reliance Securities Brokerage Calculator in Hindi to know all kinds of charges you will end up paying to this stockbroker. All Rights Reserved. So to find your exact cost you need a complete solution, here on Top Share Broker, we are providing you 100% accurate brokerage calculator for Reliance Securities. Difference Between Stockbroker and Sub broker, Religare Securities Brokerage Calculator, Goodwill Commodities Brokerage Calculator. Reliance Securities Brokerage Calculator will help you to calculate brokerage charges, transaction charges, STT, SEBI Turnover charges, Stamp duty & GST. Also there are other fees involved when traders trade on stock market.Few of the charges are exchange related and others are legal related. You can match your Contract Note with 100% Accuracy. So, whichever service a client chooses, they just need to use the Reliance Securities Calculator, and they will get timely information required to process the deal with confidence. How to use Reliance Securities Brokerage Calculator? You can use this tool to calculate Total Brokerage Charges & Taxes, Breakeven Point (Per Share) and Net Profit or Loss Per Trade upfront in an easy way. Usually other competitors are missing stamp duty. 4th Step – Select your State. Reliance Securities Equity Brokerage Charges (Equity Delivery Brokerage, Equity Intraday Brokerage, Options Brokerage and Futures Brokerage) is the total trading cost that a client has to bear for trading in equity.