The team is focused on bringing technology and design into a form that is familiar to millions of [...], on Reolink Argus PT Review – A Solar powered Pan-Tilt Security Camera. * Warm Notice: Power adapter and Micro SD card aren’t included in box. 1 x Reolink Argus PT (with Rechargeable Battery) and 1 x Solar Panel Next time, you start the program it will be in your chosen language. • Only works with the Reolink app and software. Not support ONVIF/WPS/ IP address access/ third-party apps such as Blue Iris. Email snapshots and push notifications to your device when a danger is detected. Since I covered the main function of such camera (PIR motion, live feed, recording to SD card, recording to cloud, email and notification alerts,…) in Argus Eco review, I’ll skip those for now, and demonstrate the Pan-Tilt function below with Reolink Android app and Windows program as shown in the video below. Nevertheless, the company has now launched a new model called Reolinkg Argus PT that is very similar to the Argus Ego but with PT (Pan, Tilt) function, and I received a sample for review. The back of the camera as an on/off switch, a micro USB port for charging and connection to the solar panel, and a WiFi antenna connector. With a voice command like “ Hey Google, show me the backyard,” then you can see a live feed on your Google Nest Hub or Chromecast-enabled TVs. Free Could and SD card Storage. I’m based in Thailand, and I have no trouble using the Cloud service on the free basic plan, but the company only accepts customers from the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand for its paid plans. Just give voice commands and you will live view the camera on Google Home Hub or Chromecast-enabled TVs. As indicated in the user manual, and the bottom of the camera, it’s preferable to mount the camera upside down for optimal waterproofing. You’ll be given some tips in the process, and you should quickly be able to access the camera including the new PTZ button to control Tilt and Pan (but no Zoom). Your email address will not be published. Use free Reolink software to live view, playback and download record manually videos anytime. Scan the QR code with the App and do initial setup. Drill two holes in your wall, install the mount and finally tighten the top screw to attach the camera. Now that I have to actually use those cameras remotely, I can clearly say you should avoid Reolink cameras. Try to face the solar panel to the equator where you can maximize exposure to the sunlight instead putting them in shade. However, if the program detects a slow connection, it will allow you to switch to “fluent” mode (smoother, but lower resolution) and the result will be similar to the one in the Android app. vivo V20 SE now official with triple cameras and 33W fast charging, Google updates Maps to show how bad Covid is in your area. When I installed the camera the battery charge was about 60%. We'll assume you're ok with this, but if you don't like these, you can remove them, reviewed Reolink Argus Eco solar powered security camera, Reolink Argus Eco Review – A Sub-$100 Solar Powered Security Camera, No.1 D3 Smartwatch (Mediatek MT6261) Review, Mini Review of HD23 Android Mini PC with Skype and Google Hangouts,, Intel Unveils Atom x6000E Series, Celeron and Pentium Elkhart Lake IoT Edge Processors, Rivet Networks launches Killer E3100 2.5GbE USB adapter, $9 Ebyte E180-ZG120B-TB Zigbee 3.0 Evaluation Board Features Silicon Labs EFR32MG1B Zigbee/Thread SoC, Content writer for electronic boards documentation and tutorials.