7,754,990 to Saether illustrates a reverse vending machine capable of receiving, sorting, and storing used beverage containers. 5B, a detailed view of the sorter assembly 100 is shown. 2 is a beverage container chute configured to accept non-metallic and metallic beverage containers. generation, Waste Recycling Systems, Processes, and Methods, Methods and apparatus for the management of information related to recyclable containers, Security monitoring arrangement for a computer system, Acceptance assembly for a reverse vending machine, Collector for empty used recyclable beverage cans, Device for handling recycling packages, such as bottles and cans, <- Previous Patent (Roller for conveying...). The PLC will disable operation of the reverse vending machine when the front panel door is open. The invention also accepts beverage containers inserted from either the top or bottom of the beverage container. Other functions of the reverse vending machine include issuing coupons to users, storing all transaction information, and displaying messages and other information to users. The compacter sub assembly, which compacts the beverage containers, includes a back panel, a side panel, and a container remover. A plurality of full bin sensors 42,44 detect when the storage bins 26,40 have filled up with compacted beverage containers, and provide the data to a PC 210, described below. UPDATE: Michigan stores can start accepting bottle, can returns immediately. Reverse Vending Corporation have over thirty years “Reverse Vending” experience In Scotland, Fujitsu have a wide geographical spread of engineers capable of delivering a hardware service up to and including servers, storage and networks. If the storage bin 26,40 is not full, the program continues to step 510 and checks to see which mode is enabled. Privacy Policy 5B. If the weight exceeds the threshold, the program will return the container as per step 618. Retailers reopening their bottle return facilities must ensure those facilities comply with all state-mandated safety protocols and restrictions, including the most recent state-mandated safeguards to protect workers. Once a container has been processed, step 558 asks the customer to choose a coupon from the ones listed on the flat screen 22. This applies to retailers with bottle return facilities located at the front of the store or housed in a separate area and serviced exclusively by reverse vending machines requiring minimal or no person-to-person contact. 4, a detailed view of the compacter assembly 80 is shown. The auto/manual switch may be set to “manual” to cause the geared motor in the compacter sub assembly to operate continuously. 5B is a rear perspective view of the sorting assembly of the present invention; FIG. The weight of the container is determined and if it is less than the threshold as indicated by step 552, the container is accepted and the program continues. Treasury will issue further guidance regarding additional phases of the reestablishment of the bottle deposit program in the near future. The proprietary software program also controls the motion of the reverse vending machine and displays messages to the users on the video displays.