The Scorpions, hailing from Germany, were more renowned for one the greatest meteorological songs ever—“Rock You Like a Hurricane!” No matter the combination, a Skyscrapers’ entrance was a sight to behold. I dare anyone to listen to it and not come away with it stuck in their head! Consequently, he formed his own faction, “Hot Stuff International,” allied with the Russians at one point as well as managed the Bladerunners, a combination who fans might know as Sting and the Ultimate Warrior. Their matches with the Midnight Express, the Russians and the Four Horseman were among some of the greatest high-energy matches NWA fans had ever seen. But it fricking worked for Dusty’s entrances! A wrestler could pluck just about any song heard on the radio, a record player, a tape cassette or a compact disc and use it for his or her entrance. There was nothing, before or since, that has ever matched a Road Warriors entrance in AWA or NWA. Conduct an interactive music poll asking what song “Also Sprach Zarathustra” is from, A—The theme for 2000 Space Odyssey; B—Ric Flair’s Theme Song; or C—South Carolina’s Gamecock Pregame Entry Song, and odds are “B” edges out “C,” even in the Deep South. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. He would wrestle in Japan, Texas, Florida and then end up in the NWA during the early to mid-1980s. Nevertheless, one character constant was the song by which he entered the ring—KISS’s “War Machine.” Hey, you need a tough sounding song when coming to the ring in an S&M outfit and hockey mask! The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Rowdy, raucous and raw, the Freebirds were those in-between wrestlers battling the likes of the Road Warriors, the Von Erichs, the Four Horseman and the Rock n’ Roll Express across several promotions. Their ring entrance using Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” was just as unrivaled. The Rock n’ Roll Express, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, were an entertaining combination to say the least! Hell, he even lent Dusty Rhodes a hooker during one of Rhode’s “hard times.” Jimmy Valiant exploded to the ring like he just chewed five Vivarin tablets. The World's Most Entertaining Car Website, Conduct a poll of who the greatest wrestler of all-time is and Ric Flair, Lord Humongous has been played by more guys than Batman, including the previously mentioned Sid Vicious and his son. “The Raging Bull” Manny Fernandez and “Ravishing” Rick Rude were one of the most underrated tag-team combinations in NWA history. Likewise, coming to the ring with Queen’s “We Will Rock You” only added to their heel personalities. It’s ironic that KISS was initially considered a music gimmick much like Lord Humongous’ maligned usage in the Mid-South area. Consistently feuding with fan favorites like the Rock n’ Roll Express, Dusty Rhodes and the Road Warriors lent to their credibility. I’m a long-time sports and fitness enthusiast who loves travel, writing screenplays and talking old-school wrestling! Black Sabbath could be considered the Road Warriors of metal—unapologetic and in your face innovators. Or he’s the dude with the most awesome “tobacco” stories at his pipes and bong table at the flea market. Unfortunately for younger fans who went to wrestling events with their parents, Valiant’s entrance and music made parents get up and dance.