View all NES emulators. In the game, the player controls RoboCop, who may move across the screen, jump, fire and exchange weapons. [1] In the game, a player controls RoboCop who advances through various stages that are taken from the 1987 movie. RoboCop Versus The Terminator was released for a number of platforms and based on the RoboCop and Terminator franchises. Usa el 7-zip para descomprimir los Juegos, Legend of Zelda The - A Link to the Past [Rom Español] [Super Nintendo] [SNES] descargar (.rar), Super Mario RPG - Legend of the Seven Stars ver 1.0 [Rom Español] [Super Nintendo] [SNES] descargar (.rar), Futbol Peruano 97 [Rom Español] [Super Nintendo] [SNES] descargar (.rar), Donkey Kong Country (Rev 2) [Español] Super Nintendo (SNES) descarga ROM, Chrono Trigger ver.1 [Rom Español] [Super Nintendo] [SNES] descargar (.rar), Super Mario World [Rom Español] [Super Nintendo] [SNES] descargar (.rar), Super Mario All-Stars [Rom Español] [Super Nintendo] [SNES] descargar (.rar), Super Metroid [Rom Español] [Super Nintendo] [SNES] descargar (.rar), Captain Tsubasa III Koutei no Chousen (Español) ROM SNES .zip, Futbol Colombiano 96 [Rom Español] [Super Nintendo] [SNES] descargar (.rar). SNES: 1.3 MB: Human Grand Prix IV - F1 Dream Battle: SNES: 1.0 MB: NAM-1975: MAME: 3.1 MB: Predator (U) NES: 88.0 KB: Bishin Densetsu Zoku - The Legend of Zoku (J) SNES: 1.3 MB: Medarot 4 - Kabuto Version (J) [C][!] Download and play the Robocop 3 ROM using your favorite SNES emulator on your computer or phone. Flying Edge (a subsidiary of Acclaim Entertainment) would later publish this version to the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear. [25], Peter Willington of Pocket Gamer praised the game as "quick to understand, and simple to play," but criticized it as repetitive, ultimately calling it "competent but forgettable". The following year, Titus released a GameCube version in Japan, under the title RoboCop: Aratanaru Kiki (ロボコップ 〜新たなる危機〜, RoboKoppu 〜Aratanaru Kiki〜, lit. Popular NES snes ROMs: snes Emulator: 4.0/5.0: 29342: 440.4KB: Download. Si tienes algún problema con los enlaces hacia los roms, el idioma o traducciones comunícalo en la caja de comentarios. [13][14] RoboCop was released in North America in October 2004. Ahora puedes descargar la ROM SNES del videojuego Robocop 3 desde la sección de descarga. Other weapons may be more powerful and carry unlimited ammunition as well. [28],, "RoboCop: Digital Bridges' 80s actioner thanks you for your cooperation", "Free-to-play RoboCop movie tie-in game now available on iOS", "They Made A RoboCop Game Out Of Deer Hunter, And It's Not Bad", "It's About Time We Got A New RoboCop Video Game", "RoboCop movie reboot will get a F2P shooter tie-in from Glu", "Glu to Create Free-to-Play James Bond Game for Mobile", Robocop PlayStation Tech Demo at The PlayStation Museum,,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 March 2020, at 05:44. After his body is disassembled and used for building Skynet, RoboCop watches Skynet come to power before using his digitized mind to seize control of an abandoned robotics factory, rebuild himself, and begin to destroy Skynet in the future. The intermission features digitized voices from the actors. However, Skynet learns of the time travel attempt and sends Terminators to stop Flo. In the future, human soldiers of John Connor's resistance force against the machines are fighting a losing war against Skynet and its robot forces. ★★ Descarga ROMs Super Nintendo SNES en Español, más +900 ROMs en Descarga Directa, Snes para Android, TOP 40 Mejores ROMs, Categoria Carreras, RPGs, Luchas, Emuladores para Android de SNES