I could try to defend why it’s balanced and how demos are high-risk, high-reward, easier to dodge one than get one, etc. Psyonix found that the angle calculation was not working properly and “fixed” it. They're frustrating to defend against, difficult to pull off, and can leave you in an unfavorable position even if you successfully demo your opponent. These players often haven’t reached the point where they look at their own play and what they did wrong. Rocket Sledge boasts 27,000 career demos and has literally written the book (read: created the YouTube tutorial) on how to use them effectively in Rocket League play. I was challenged to try it for myself and was able to quickly come back with a clip in only my second game trying. GamersRdy is a coaching, training & resources platform, built for players who want to get better at the games they love. This began what some of us refer to as “easy demo month”. So let’s discuss some common questions or thoughts in regards to those dirty, dirty, demolitions. Early in the next season I put on my new Champ Wheels and pulled of this play in a ranked 3’s match. If you don’t agree, well no one can force you to use the mechanic or even like it. You don’t have to like it but you do have to accept it. During the summer of 2017 there were many complaints of demo “fails”. If you get demo’d one could argue that your own lack of skill is really to blame. Another thing about demos that gets people worked up is the fact that they are jarring. And on top of that your opponent is controlled by a human that is usually trying to avoid you. Ugh, cheating? Get the latest Rocket League guides, opinions and news. If we boil rocket league down to i… Hard to top in my mind. The first stands out to me for a few reasons. No pro ever calls out another for being “cheap” because they took out a goalie. Rocket Sledge thrives on angry chat reactions to his demolitions. This isn’t a real sport where cheap and dirty means you are actually physically hurting another person. Demolitions and Bumping [UPDATE 6/30/2020: The changes outlined below have been reverted. The removal from play for 3 seconds can make you feel helpless. As you rank up demos become harder as players have better awareness, faster reaction time, and spend more time in the air. The real skill is understanding the right time and place to use a demo play. Check your friend stats and compare them with yours! There was some discussion on a Discord server about the possibility of a turtle demo. Now demos have been “broken” in the past. RL has a huge mental element, don’t give that edge to your opponent because you can’t handle a certain game mechanic. But you need to remember that demos only happen at high speed. Someone was trying to get one but hadn’t been able to. CHANGES AND UPDATES. There are no rules in Rocket League. We did it! Every strategy and mechanic is used with the goal of giving you time, space, or opportunity. Rocket Sledge: It was a gradual thing. You could blow someone up just by rubbing them as the angle calculations now seemed to be broken the opposite way. Currently the allowable angle seems to be a lot wider than advertised.