Hopefully this will both help you to succeed with this deck, as well as inform As always, I tend to craft Legendaries and epics only – cards of lesser rarity tend to come around eventually and it can be annoying to craft a large number of them (which costs a lot), only to see most of them in the next 10 packs that you open. If you decide to run a Mill deck, you will hardly be successful without Blackrock’s Gang Up. That can be troublesome. I think secret rogue is probably one if not the best rogue archetype at the moment. For example, if This is a tempo rogue list that I've used to climb to legend this season. We will then move on to look at a free basic deck, made with love, care and meticulous testing. There are practically no other types of decks that seem particularly viable on the Ladder – back in GvG times I spent some time trying to make a Mech deck work (I loved Iron Sensei and desperately wanted to build a good deck with him in it) but met mostly with failure. I will use cards that are available from the start, as well as class-specific cards granted for reaching level 10 with Rogue. Given how expensive it is, Preparation is usually employed to lower the cost and make the card accessible sooner. Assassinate is strictly late-game, so don’t waste it before you need it. it up with enough aggression to justify including it. Gadgetzan Auctioneer got nerfed (a nerf is a change to the game, or in this case a card, that makes it less effective), which meant the disappearance of one of the most unique deck types in the game. into the next turn to avoid having to spend the Mana again to re-equip a weapon. It’s not always a good idea to attack the opponent’s face with it. your opponent plays a Bloodfen Raptor on turn 2, you can play your own We've got your guide to getting started! Both of the Legendaries are good fun. outlined above with Rogue's low cost removal spells, you can often remove the will often create a 2-for-1 situation in your favour. multiple minions in a game that is in the balance, or to aggressively push for Rogue is one of those characters. This type of deck is still played and remains a viable build in the current climate of increasingly fast play. We are also interested to share guest articles for Hearthstone, simply contact us! able to build a board early using your efficient removal spells, your opponent SI:7 Agent has a similar role – it can take out, or help take out a Minion, but it also leaves a Minion on your side of the board to play next turn. Due to Whereas Warlock, Hunter, Mage, or Warrior have always done consistently well in their playability and afforded good competitive options, other classes have gone in and out of favor, with several characters being very hard to play, sometimes for prolonged periods.