$12.68 SHOP NOW. Each of these sexy jaguar shifters will fall in love and you won’t stop reading! This gem of a novel is like a hand-crafted invitation bursting with artistry, lyrical flourishes, and moments of exquisite beauty from the moment you crack the seal. 0. It features a virgin hero, a chess goddess heroine, a declaration of war, a group of friends that you will fall in love with, and an epic love story that will make your heart swoon. Lucy Parker earns a standing ovation for the latest in her West End set London celebrities series. When she crosses paths with her building superintendent “Red” Morgan, the two clash and then connect, fusing a love story built on gentleness, soft places to land, and empathy. She will need Mad Rogan’s help, of course. Acting on Impulse really gives us such a great start to this series. In this new world, there are Psy and there are changelings. 30 essential albums from the last 30 years, The 10 Best YA Books Of The Year (And The Decade). But sometimes you might be searching for big, long romance book series to just read completely. 99% Mine. Her writing twinkles in its vibrancy, toeing its way between wry, sarcastic humor and an unadulterated earnestness. One day, she gets invited to Zack’s, her pretend boyfriend once upon a time, wedding! Now they only meet one night, every year. Nicholas doesn’t want to get involved in politics, but helping his little brother win the election might be the right way to go. Mia Hopkins has a whole series with them. Playing pretend girlfriend? $3.99 #44. Hate to Want You is the perfect beginning to this trilogy. Her tale is one of resilience and hope, reflecting the hard-won victories of those who find themselves the target of hate because of their sexual identity or immigrant roots. A bourbon empire? True Heroes is a romantic suspense five-book series that will leave you wanting more. She meets her match in bounty hunter Shade Ganavan, who possesses all the swagger and charm of Han Solo. But being the new events manager is going to be rather hard when the heir to the whole empire puts his eyes on her. Cowboy Valentine, the first book in the five-book series, is perfect as a Valentine’s Day holiday novella, but also perfect for rainy, sunny, winter days. Thick as Thieves. It’s like Stitch Fix… for books! Coming in just under the wire with a Dec. 31 release, Love Lettering easily earns its place here. Hot pirate cosplay and Shakespeare-based flirtation — what else can we say? Romance was more important than ever in 2019. Silvana Reyes Lopez Aug 21, 2019. Throughout, Hibbert walks the line between combustible humor and bruising reality, exploring the peculiarities of invisible wounds. 1 - 11 of 11 results. Their attraction is obvious and one night might be the best solution to satisfy their needs. Nightchaser is a breathlessly romantic, action-packed, space adventure that flings you into a galaxy far, far away with gusto. Red, White & Royal Blue is one of 2019’s best pieces of literature period — a royal romance with a fizzy effervescence that leaves the reader soaked in a champagne haze of frothy delight. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Who would love this grumpy beautiful guy? Well Met is a playful romance that also tackles heavy subjects like grief and abandonment with a gentle hand, showcasing DeLuca’s range and ample skill. Six books in its catalogue, Masters of Maria is the spin-off series of the Desert Guards series where shapeshifters take the center stage. Brazen and the Beast is a rallying cry for anyone who’s ever walked that delicate balance of feeling too much and not enough, and a tribute to the true measure of partnership. “Beast,” the pair’s combustible chemistry throws off her well-measured plans for her “Year of Hattie” in the most delicious of ways. The Duchess Deal, the first book, is a Beauty and the Beast–inspired historical romance where the Duke of Ashbury needs, desperately, an heir.