Top Caption: Detail from: View over the suburb of Rongotai with Wellington Airport and Lyall Bay beyond, Wellington City. Number 44 and the Howe’s house were of wooden construction, both had porches. /records/22888872. Kevin has 4 jobs listed on their profile. Google map showing Wellington airport runway and Bridge St. You won’t find Rongotai Terrace on current maps of Wellington. There was a brick-veneer house between them. The number 44 had been rented out by the government in the period after Florence left and before demolition. Jim Howe is still at no. William Renwick, Victoria University Press 2004, pp.39-53. [1] In 1919 there can’t have been too many houses in Rongotai Terrace as the Morrells lived at the third house on the right from Broadway – the houses were unnumbered at this time. 1 is a future extension of the landing field by means of reclamation in Evans Bay. There had been proposals to extend the aerodrome from at least the mid-1930s. My cousin Roger Morrell spent some of his early childhood at 44 Rongotai Terrace and has written some memories about it, which I include with his permission. The tenants had moved out some time before we visited and the house and garden were in bad shape with weather damage and signs of some pillaging for odd bits and pieces. [5] William Toomath ‘New Zealand Displayed: Anscombe’s 1940 Exhibition Design’ in Creating a National Spirit: Celebrating New Zealand’s Centennial’ ed. Rongotai College is a state single-sex boys' secondary school in the southeastern suburb of Rongotai, Wellington, New Zealand.Serving Years 9 to 13 (ages 12 to 18), the school has 622 students as of July 2015. Ref: EP-0756-1/2-G. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. Just next to the house on the south side was a property owned by a Miss Shrimpton (name from memory) this was enclosed in lots of pine trees with high fence, which looked spooky to a small boy. My great-grandparents, Samuel and Susannah Morrell, once lived at 44 Rongotai Terrace (I wrote about them in this post) Samuel and Susannah bought section 27 of a subdivision surveyed in Deposit Plan 1773, Block 2 in 1912 – later to become 44 Rongotai Terrace. About 40 per cent of the students are of European heritage, 20 per cent identify as Pasifika, and 15 per cent Maori, and there are various Middle Eastern, Asian and … Mr Edward Shrimpton (‘director of telephones’) lived next door at 38. Sophie had some heath issues and I think Florence just wanted to get away from the family home, feeling bad but resigned to what was happening. At this time the Howe’s house had gone, I think we went past it on the reclaimed land, it looked a little strange to us because it had been on the side of a hill on Rongotai Tce and was now on flat ground. [2] Wises Street Directory 1919, Wellington, Rongotai Terrace, [3] Wises Street Directory 1927, Wellington, Rongotai Terrace, [4] Wises Street Directory 1940, Wellington, Rongotai Terrace. Ref: 1/2-C-010529-F. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. Florence’s sister Phoebe, married to Jim Howe, lived just two doors up the road to the north. His bad eyesight excluded him from overseas service. 1865-2002): Photographic negatives and prints of the Evening Post newspaper. Evening post (Newspaper. [6] This plan is adapted from the plan prepared by the Wellington City Engineer, Mr. K. E. Luke, and explains the proposals for the development of Rongotai Airport from its present area of 106 acres to 180 acres. 1865-2002): Photographic negatives and prints of the Evening Post newspaper. The Air Force utilised many of the facilities to house barracks and an initial training school for aircrews from mid-1940 onwards. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.