NO VIDEO ON STARTING ONLY WHITE SCREEN WITH AUDIO. Mission markers vanish permanently when using crash recovery. Moved the illegal deploy mission to the “personal” tab. 15 comments. Players should now be able to interact with the discs at the downed relays. The “warning restricted area” message should now show when taking off rom Lorville. Turrets should no longer roll when hitting rotation limits. When pads are full and a player requests a ship, they should no longer be given a queue position of 0. Example photos of first 4 pages are in screenshots below. Latest Driver (reintalled twice), reinstalled Quake II, and Q2 RTX, and the game simply will not launch. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America),, I call this one "Tunnel Town". Increased the time given to the player for delivery missions. QT graphical effects should no longer be visible inside some ships. The underground facility defense turrets should eventually self-repair. “0m” markers should no longer remain on the screen after scanning a mineable rock. Here is the shared google document we use for resolving helpdesk issues. Impact prediction (pips) now make better use of acceleration. Fixed objectives not updating for some delivery missions. We also have the archive for 2.6.3 issues below the 3.0 stuff. community. The Ravager Shotgun can be found at LiveFire, Skutters, and Conscientious Objects shops. The Central Business District at Lorville can be reached via the Central Line transit leaving from Leavsden Station. Issues tracked for 3.0 PTU currently include: Error 10002, 14004, 15006, 20007, 30007 + others, along with general error troubleshooting for the delta patcher and ingame. about comm-link community store star citizen my rsi. Free look head tracking should no longer be active in P2P calls even if it is set to off. Chat lines should longer exceed the bounding box of the mobiGlas comms app. Corrected some mislabeled lagrange points. Travel markers now have unique symbols for different types of destinations (outposts, major stations moons, planets, ect), a dashed outline to indicate locations on the far-side of a planetary body, and marker size correlated to distance. Larger ships should no longer be occasionally assigned small hangars at Lorville. These are visible to all other turret gunners and the pilot. Players should no longer take damage on stairs, when mantling, or when making small jumps. Patch should now show: It is strongly recommended that players delete their. Blade entry animations should now be properly aligned. 3.0 Issue Council for bug reporting: 47% Upvoted. Also ran that AMD Utility just to be sure. Close. VOIP is off by default and will need to be activated manually by the player using the comms app of the mobiGlas. It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The player character should no longer get a boosted jump by jumping a few times in a row. The Mustang series ships should no longer spawn with the ladder down. As with above post, I get the "made with unity" and Grizzly Bear games logo...then only sound of wind and a totally white screen. 0. Added a UI warning for whem attempting to extract with a full hold of mineable ore. Interaction mode now has a quick select option. Changed the repair and refueling cost at the rest stops to reflect a small degree of scarcity associated with them. Recco should properly remember that she has met you. Updated the Behring Sawbuck Ballistic Repeaters. Players should no longer be able to lose their box if they immediately place it back in the delivery locker. Ship quantum drives now produce heat and are capable of overheating. Mission markers vanish permanently when using crash recovery. If so, there's a good chance that you're missing a Windows Update patch. W/A: Land at a station and logout and back in. The Venture Executive flight suit should no longer function as an invisibility suit. Please note, you will still use the Issue Council as normal to submit bugs to CIG – this document is for overcoming bugs and issues, not for tracking bugs. :( All I see is a black screen with a white box, and Q2RTX becomes unresponsive. Fixed markers not appearing for some delivery and bounty missions. Archived. Updated Joker suckerpunch cannon art and created size 1 and 3 variants. Improved 3D ship model preview manipulation controls. You can make edits and additions to the document which will be reviewed and accepted if they’re tasty. The personal elevator on the 600i should now extend all the way down. The UI alert “shields down” should no longer get stuck. Fixed elevators in Levski appearing invisible from certain angles. comm-link. Feel free to contact me on discord or spectrum if you want: © 2012-2020 Cloud Imperium Rights LLC and Cloud Imperium Rights Ltd. We do not support Internet Explorer 11 and below. Proximity alert should no longer cancel the Lorville restricted area warning, causing it to not return. Landing rights should now be revoked if the player leaves the. The district also features the Hurston Dynamics Showroom where the latest weapons from the arms manufacturer are proudly on display for purchase.